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5 Beauty Tricks of The Week

Last week, we brought you 5 beauty secrets you would find useful.  This week, we continue to bring you our second round of 5 beauty tricks you might not have known.  These little techniques will keep you gorgeous as ever!



Next time you’re out of makeup remover, reach for your lotion!  Apply and lightly rub your body lotion to areas where makeup needs removed.  Your makeup will be gone in no time!



Toothpaste is magical.  Not only does it leave your teeth minty fresh, but it is also useful for many other beauty needs.  The first thing it is useful for is for acne.  Next time you are experiencing a breakout, put some toothpaste on your troubled area.  The toothpaste will dry out your pimples in no time, leaving your pimples much smaller than before.



Another way to use toothpaste is to exfoliate your lips.  Lightly scrub tooth paste on your lips a couple of times a week, removing the excess layer of dry skin.  Your pout will is guaranteed to become softer!



Want your sun-kissed summer hair back?  Next time you are out on a sunny day or are underneath a blow dryer, put either lemon juice or chamomile tea in your hair.  The heat will cause the acid to lighten your locks.



This one may seem bizarre, but it will work.  To reduce puffiness around your eyes, take a raw potato from your fridge and cut two thin pieces.  Place them over your closed eyes for 10-15 minutes.  Your puffiness will noticeably diminish.

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