5 Beauty Secrets of the Week: Celebrity Addition

Who hasn’t envied a flawless celebrity at some point?  By learning little primping techniques from celebs, it’s easy to emulate their seemingly flawless appearances.  Each week, Arizona Foothills Magazine likes to bring you five new beauty secrets.  This week, we bring you five celebrity-inspired beauty tricks.

Here are 5 celebrity-inspired beauty tips:

Carrie Underwood’s Volume Secret:

To get Carrie Underwood’s signature volume, all you need is some volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Carrie’s stylist at the Rita Hazan Salon in NYC first washes Carrie’s hair with a volumizing shampoo, and then applies conditioner to only the ends.  If you apply conditioner to the roots, it will weigh your hair down.


Both Jessica’s Volume Secret:

For Jessica Alba’s and Jessica Biel’s stylist, the secret to the perfect volume is all in the blow drying.  To keep the hair on these glamorous celebs looking good all night, their stylist, Oscar Blandi, alternates between hot and cold air during the blow drying process.  “Cold air holds the hair’s shape and keeps the roots lifted for eight to nine hours,” says Blandi.

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 12.01.21 PM

Wild For Olivia Wilde’s Eyes:

To get Olivia Wilde’s dynamite eyes, the key is to make the eye shadow colors pop by adding water.  Dip your makeup brush in some water, and dab the brush into your eye shadow.  The water will intensify the shade, and will also make the eye shadow last longer.  Choose an outfit that matches your eye shadow, and you will have Olivia Wilde’s striking eyes in no time!


Blake Lively’s Beach Waves With Spray:

The key to mastering the perfect beach waves is all in the product and in the hair crunching.  Spray your hair with any beach wave product.  We recommend Victoria’s Secret Beach Hair Wave Spray.  Apply the Beach Hair Wave Spray, or another Salt-based hair spray-in product, on wet or damp hair.  Let your hair air dry, scrunching your hair and adding additional spray periodically.


To get the more polished and less natural beach wave look, you can put beach waves in your hair with a flat iron.  Featured below is a video tutorial on how to get beach waves with a flat iron.

[youtube id=”qu_NChzeCa0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Perfect Red Lips

Never doubt the impact of bold red lips.  Red lips are the quintessential sexy look; however, to get the perfect red carpet-ready red lips entails more than just the perfect lipstick.  First, celebrities often exfoliate their lips.  Then, celebrities will line their lips with lip liner that matches their lipstick prior to lipstick application.  To reach the desired level of red, celebrities will either warm and soften the color or make the color more rich.  To warm and soften the red, celebrities will often apply a thin layer of gold gloss on top of the lipstick.  To make the color more rich, celebs will make the color “bluer” by topping their lips off with a pink gloss.


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