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Wedding Theme of the Week: Baseball Theme


Photo by Artful Weddings.

A wedding theme goes a long way.  It controls how classy your wedding is perceived, along with how much your guests enjoy themselves while attending.  Knowing how important wedding themes are to a wedding’s experience, Valley Girl likes to select a wedding theme of the week.

This week, we selected a “Baseball” themed wedding.  With this theme, you can go as far as subtle flowers arranged like baseballs for the bouquet or having your entire wedding shoot taken on the pitchers mound.  Whether your future hubby was a high school hero on the baseball team or your first date as a couple was at a game, this wedding theme can be quite the catch.

Check out some of our suggestions below.

Photoshoot on the Field

While most couples often choose a scenic view of a beach or field flowers, sometimes it pays to be unique.  Shooting your wedding photos in a baseball field is the perfect way to announce  your theme to guests, while also capturing that classy and adorable wedding announcement photo you’ve always wanted.


Carolyn Scott Photography


Via rocktheaisle.com

Baseball Bouquet?

Unless looking head-on, this baseball bouquet looks nothing more than a beautiful bouquet.


Found on weddings.lovetoknow.com

Themed Desserts


Classy Decorations

via StyleMePretty

via StyleMePretty

The Paper Element

From escort cards to invites, this is one of the easiest outlets to implement your theme.


Via Etsy

Angela Jean Photography

Angela Jean Photography

Found on blovelyevents.com

Found on blovelyevents.com

Subtle Touches

The baseball theme can be integrated in several subtle ways. From the groom’s boutonnière to a ball holding rings, the opportunities are endless.


Kate Danielle Photography


Kaitlin Noel Photography

Via BridalGuide.com

Via BridalGuide.com



Baseball Table Numbers seen below.


Laura Lillie Photographie

And don’t forget all the baseball puns to throw in whenever there’s an opportunity.


John Schnack Studios

Don’t forget to work in the baseball bats!

Found on danettsetmire.blogspot.com

Found on danettsetmire.blogspot.com

Via brendasweddingblog.com

Via brendasweddingblog.com

If you have any nominations for a wedding theme, whether your wedding or a friends, e-mail your theme to candreen@azfoothills.com.  If selected, you or your friend’s wedding will be featured in an article for the Wedding Theme of the Week in Valley Girl.

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