Valley Girl’s Monthly Horoscope: March

A new month brings new Astro happenings. Leslie Hale, Psychic Astrologer at, is sharing what you need to know about March’s horoscope, including major changes in the planets.

During March, Saturn enters Aquarius for the first time in 30 years and we will get to dip our toes into what life will look like in 2021 when Saturn finally leaves Capricorn for good at the end of the year. Saturn will return to Capricorn in July for another six months but this will be the beginning of some major changes. Saturn in Capricorn along with Pluto, has created much stress and pressure in the world, the US, and many of our personal lives this year.

Mercury retrogrades back into the sign Aquarius, turns direct, and then starts over through Pisces again. The Sun enters Aries and Spring, as well as the astrological New Year, arrive this month.

Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Mars are all in Capricorn during March which will be very result-oriented. Venus, the planet of love and values will leave Aries and enter Taurus which will be supported by all of the Capricorn energy. Now, let’s break it all down!

Mercury Retrograde: A Tale of Two Mercurys

Mercury has been causing delays, miscommunication frustrations, and breakdowns since it turned retrograde on February 17, in Pisces.

Mercury retrograde is not the time to get married, buy high ticket items, have plastic surgery or start new projects. During a Mercury retrograde, we should re-do, re-access and look back over what we have accomplished already and make appropriate changes. This is simply part of the natural cycle of life, as maddening as it may seem in a world where all things operate on go 24/7. If you can follow the natural cycle of re-accessing rather than starting new projects, you will fare better in the end. Starting new projects on retrograde Mercury will inevitably end in some kind of change, or it may not even take off. Retrograde Mercury is a wild card!

This retrograde in particular has been confusing as Mercury has been traveling through the sign Pisces. Neptune ruled Pisces is not a good placement for Mercury and it is considered at its fall here. Pisces/Mercury is confusing and at times even discouraging.

On March 4, Mercury retrogrades back into the sign Aquarius. Mercurial energy will change again and our tempo in terms of communication and thinking will pick up. Mercury in Aquarius will be all about new ideas and ways of doing things. Aquarius is a far-sighted sign, but it is important to remember the devil can be in the details, which may be lacking.

Mercury turns stationary direct just before midnight March 9th. Energy will start to change at this point, but things may seem even more confusing or change direction again over the next 5 days. This is the nature of a stationary period which means the planet is either slowing its course to turn retrograde or turning direct.

Mercury turning direct can only be good news and things that have stalled will begin to resume moving forward again in a normal manner.

On March 16, Mercury moves back into the sign Pisces. It got about halfway through this sign when it turned retrograde in February. Mercurial energy shifts again, and conversation and thinking may be somewhat abstract or even confusing for some, but not nearly as confusing while Mercury was retrograde! We can now pick up where we left off in February. Mercury always goes through its ‘shadow period,’ where energy is still getting back to normal and this will last until March 30th. From here all the systems are on go!

The Capricorn Stellium

Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars are all in Capricorn this month. This forms what astrologers call a stellium or a group of 3 or more planets in the same sign. This means we have a lot of Capricorn energy this month. Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter will remain in Capricorn throughout most of 2020, but Mars will change signs and enter Aquarius March 30.

Capricorn is about building things and is typically results-oriented. Now is the time to lay down concrete plans for your future or future projects and begin the building process. Capricorn is the natural ruler of the 4th house or the foundation, and the 4th house also rules the home. This much Capricorn is typically concerned with security and future stability. As spring is upon us now is the time to start your garden, prune your shrubs and enjoy the feel of the earth under your feet.

Capricorn can represent great privation and at the same time great wealth. Saturn is at home in Capricorn, making it very powerful. For some, this is heavy and burdensome energy, and for others, it works better. Capricorn is in sync with those born under earth signs or Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. That said, Capricorn is not having an easy go of things this year with Saturn and Pluto in their own sign. Jupiter however, is also in Capricorn and this should give our friends ruled by Saturn some help and support this year. Taurus and Virgo will fare well with these energies. Scorpio and Pisces should benefit from it as well. With Cancer, Capricorn forms an opposition which means this year is not the easiest for Cancer who will work hard just to keep up with what is considered normal. Aries and Libra receive some stress from Capricorn planets as well this year. All of this will change however before the end of this year.

The Planet of Love Enters Taurus

Venus is considered the planet of love, values and is one of the two financial planets. Venus is at home in Taurus so it will be positioned and work well in this sign, which it enters on March 4th. Venus is leaving the sign Aries (ruled by Mars) where love energy is more assertive. Love and the way we approach love becomes much more laid back and sensual with Taurus. This will work especially well for Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo, along with Cancer.

Taurus rules the 2nd house of money so with Venus in this sign we will be prone to purchase beautiful objects, luxury items or things that make us feel good and get in touch with our senses. Taurus is a rich sign and likes quality over quantity. Enjoy!

If you were born under the sign Taurus this month is the one month out of the year Venus will be in your sign. You should look and feel your best, or be working toward this, so make the most of it!

Mars in Capricorn is a good match for Venus in Taurus. Earth signs especially should benefit in love or their social lives from this combination during March.

March 8thand 9th Venus joins Uranus and we can get a burst of excitement or try something new. These are days to change your normal routine and try something you haven’t done before. It may not last long but could be worth remembering.

March’s Full Moon in Virgo

Many things happen on a full moon and this one is no exception This month’s lunar peak falls at 19 degrees of Virgo and this is considered a Supermoon.

A Supermoon appears closer and brighter to the earth and is associated with heightened intensity, as well as seismic activity and extreme weather changes.

This moon is in Virgo, an earth sign and it opposes Neptune. Virgo can give us a desire to dig into the details of any matter that may arise. Virgo has to do with health as well as healing, so for some health as well as diet and exercise may be on the front burner. On the other hand, we could be dealing with fear or fearful issues that may not be as negative as they seem with the moon’s opposition to Neptune. With a transit like this, it may be hard to get or achieve clear information and you may have to wait a few days for clarity. Dreams could be vivid, and now is a time when compassion, given or received could become important in our lives and the world.

Sensitivities of all types are heightened with the opposition to Neptune and if you have food or other allergies you need to pay attention. This also includes emotional sensitivities so if you choose to relive an unhappy experience from the past in some way, question the value of doing this. You could also over idealize something or someone and the bubble could burst. Neptune can take you to the greatest highs or the lowest lows. It is important to keep your balance at this time. Sometimes with Neptune, new information can be revealed.

We can expect to hear about scandals, gaslighting and situations that are too unclear. In all likelihood, we will hear more news of the Coronavirus and it will probably spread further at this time. We can also expect to see water-related weather events.

While the moon opposes Neptune it also trines Mars and Jupiter giving us some positive support at this time. Now is the time to choose faith over fear.

The Astrological New Year (and Spring)

March 19, the Sun makes its entrance into Aries at 11:50 PM (EDT) and the new astrological year begins. Aries at 0 degrees is considered the world point, and the start of the Sun’s travels through the entire zodiac which will take exactly one year. This also coincides with the Spring equinox-finally!

March New Moon in Aries

New Moons typically represent new beginnings and the first new moon of the year falls at 4 degrees of Aries, March 24. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of action and now is the time to reassess or reaffirm your direction for the New Year. Set your intentions for the rest of the year and make them happen.

Saturn Enters Aquarius

March 21, Saturn enters Aquarius at 11:47 PM, EDT. This will mark a significant change in our lives and the world for the next 100 or so days.

Saturn in Capricorn has had a powerful effect for the past two years. Capricorn is considered stogy, conservative and restrictive although it is also associated with banks and big business. Many have felt restricted, held back and experienced significant change. The current political question of income inequality is no doubt a result of Saturn (and Pluto) in Capricorn which has been good for the top 1% and big business, but not the collective.

The shift into Aquarius will change up the energies in very significant ways. Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, the planet of unexpected change. Exactly how this change will play out depends on what Saturn aspects in your personal chart. Aquarius is considered the ruler of the 11th house of the collective and it is a far-sighted and typically humanitarian sign. Capricorn is a heavy earth sign concerned with security. Aquarius is an air sign associated with advancements, unusual inventions, high minded and humanitarian thinking, and shakeups.

As Saturn enters Aquarius it begins its square to Uranus in Taurus. Many things may change suddenly and unexpectedly over the next few months with this powerful transit that will dominate the skies in 2021.

We can look for a change in the political world, some of it unexpected. Global issues will become more important as well as global solutions. We, the collective will demand a greater voice in all things that are of importance. We will see great advances with Saturn in Aquarius in medicine, robotics, and technology.

Uranus is the planet of rebellions and coups, sudden and unexpected change, explosions and explosive circumstances. Uranus is currently in Taurus which rules money and finance, the earth, farming and the like.

When Saturn changes signs we typically see major world events at this time, and events in our own lives if Saturn aspects something in your personal chart.

Those most affected by Saturn’s change of signs this spring will be the early degree Aquarians, (January 21-23), Taurus (April 20-22), Leo (July 23-26) and Scorpio (October 24-27). If you were born on those dates it may be quite a ride with Sun-Saturn and Sun-Uranus shaking things up. Saturn shows us our limitations, and Uranus shakes us out of our ruts.

March 23, Mars leaves Capricorn to also enter Aquarius, creating a Mars-Pluto conjunction for the next several days. This will affect us all and we will see more world events at this time.

This will especially affect those birthdates listed above or anyone with fixed planets in their personal chart at 1-2 degrees. Saturn-Pluto is an intense aspect prone to anger; hard work and at times power struggles may surface. Obsessiveness is a trait of this transit and you may have to delve deeply into some subject or situation. This is not the day to start a confrontation, as you will likely be the loser. Use the energy of Saturn to find workable solutions and a clear path forward.

Happy March, may all your dreams come true!

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