Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Fabulous Single Woman


You don’t have to be in a relationship to enjoy Valentine’s Day!  The day of love is all about who you’re with and what you make of it, whether that day is spent with a friend or with your boo.  It’s time to ditch the “I hate Valentine’s Day” attitude.   Instead of curling up in pajamas watching The Notebook, try to make this Valentine’s day one for the books.  Featured below are some fun ways for a single lady to make cupid’s holiday exciting.

1. Hit the Town


Instead of staying in at night to contemplate your single status, a fabulous single woman on Valentine’s day should hit the town.  You’ll be surprised how many other men and women are out and single looking for love on this night of love.

2.  Spoil Yourself


Whether you’re wanting to relax in a bubble bath or eat an entire box of chocolate, Valentine’s Day can be a day dedicated to you if you let it.  Let yourself relax, and treat yourself a little nicer than you normally would.  There’s nobody who knows yourself better than yourself, so spoil yourself rotten this Valentine’s Day.  Who knows?  You might be your best Valentine yet!

3.  Send A Little Glitter


Send Your Enemies Glitter provides an outlet for revenge with an innocent diss of glitter.  With the motto “we send glitter to the people you hate,” a glitter envelope might be a better alternative to the stereotypical burning of pictures with friends.  This glitter option is perfect for those individuals feeling a little bitter and looking for some quick relief.  The glitter is not harmful, and will make you feel a little better!

To send your enemy glitter, visit Send Your Enemies Glitter’s website.

4.  Shopping Spree


Lucky you!  You don’t have to spend $200 on a watch or nice gift for your boyfriend like all the girlfriends of the world.  That pretty dress you’ve always wanted?  Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to buy it.  Set aside all the money you would have spent on a significant other, and splurge a little for yourself.  It will definitely make you feel better!

5.  Girls’ Day


Whether you’re at the 50 Shades of Grey premiere, drinking wine by the fire or taking a last minute trip to Vegas, a girl’s day is the perfect solution for all single ladies on Valentine’s Day. When laughing with friends and sharing stories of failed relationships, it will be impossible to feel lonely this Valentine’s Day.

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