Top 10 Artists to Look Out for at ACL This Weekend


Austin City Limits Weekend One once again brought a weekend of amazing music talent to Austin.  This upcoming Weekend, ACL Weekend Two will return to Austin, Texas for another music-filled weekend.  For those who haven’t heard of ACL, ACL is one of the country’s top music festivals that gets more and more popular every year.

After the conclusion of each year’s festival, the ACL team gets to work to come up with another unbeatable lineup.  You won’t want to miss ACL ever again after you see what amazing artists they have gathered for this year!  Check out music videos from ten of the top acts performing in the music capitol of the world this weekend.

1. Eminem

For all information that is Eminem, visit his website.

2. Lorde

For all information that is Lorde, visit her Facebook page.

3. Lana Del Rey

For all information on Lana Del Rey, visit her website.

4. Outkast

For information on Outkast and tour dates, visit his website.

5. Calvin Harris

For more information on Calvin Harris, visit the website.

6.  Foster the People

For information on Foster the People, visit Foster the People’s website.
7.  Skrillex

For information, music videos and show dates, visit Skrillex’s website.
8.  Beck

For information on Beck, visit Beck’s website.

9.  Zedd

For information on Zedd, visit Zedd’s website.

10.  The Avett Brothers

For more songs, concert tour dates and information on the Avett Brothers, visit their website.

Check out the rest of the lineup by clicking HERE.

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