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“The Skinnygirl Dish” by Bethenny Frankel

My all-time favorite out-spoken “Real Housewife of New York City,” Bethenny Frankel, is at it again! Along with finding the natural food chef on Bravo’s “Bethenny Getting Married?” where she is currently sharing her bride-to-be/mother-to-be madness and cherished moments, she has also released her second diet book perfect for us dieting women: “The Skinnygirl Dish.”

“The Skinnygirl Dish” is a great compliment to her previous New York Times bestseller “Naturally Thin,” which divulges Frankel’s ten real-life rules for enjoying healthful natural foods and allowing the body to return to its naturally thin state, without ever dieting again. Now, in “The Skinnygirl Dish,” Bethenny, using her hilarious wit, joins you in the kitchen and shows you how to stop the “cooking noise” and put an end to the anxiety about how and what to cook and eat in a fun, new way.

The Skinnygirl dishes on how anyone can:

  • Get in touch with your “inner chef” and make the Skinnygirl philosophy yours
  • Use Bethenny’s list of kitchen essentials and the core concept of using what you have at hand to enjoy creating healthy, satisfying meals
  • Take your basic cooking skills to the next level with practical tips for saving time, money, and sanity
  • Make personalized gourmet recipes from celebrity chefs, including Bobby Flay and Top Chef stars Lee Anne Wong, Hosea Rosenberg, and Ariane Duarte
  • Light up — and lighten up — holidays and special occasions with tips and recipes for throwing the perfect, stress-free party
  • The must-have book features more than sixty recipes which become more than a thousand with Bethenny’s “Use What You Have” substitution charts, along with Breakthrough Breakfasts, Delicious Dinners, Simple Snacks, To-Die-For Desserts, and Skinnygirl Cocktails, plus tips to turn almost any dish into a vegetarian delight.

“With the famous wit and real-world sensibility that made her a breakout star, Bethenny reveals her kitchen adventures and inspires readers to cook the Skinnygirl way with taste and style.”

Bethenny Frankel is also the creator of the genius Skinnygirl Margarita. Stay tuned for Valley Girl’s first-hand taste test and review of the low-calorie, all-natural margarita!

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  • […] Bethenny Frankel is our favorite “housewife” and natural food chef who has not only won our hearts, but has inadvertently motivated us to eat right and work for a perfect bod just like hers. And since most of us can’t afford for her to be our own personal chef (as much as we want her to), stop by your nearest bookstore and pick up her book ”Naturally Thin — Release Your Inner Skinny Girl & Free Yourself of a Lifetime of Dieting” or her just released “The Skinnygirl Dish.” […]

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