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Soleri Bridge A Go

Scottsdale’s growing retail and dining industries will soon gain even more support, as funding for the construction of the Soleri Bridge and Plaza was recently approved. The project has been in the works for some time, as the City Council unanimously supported the bridge earlier in the year. Another vote was taken Tuesday, June 3, which ensures $1.7 million will officially be used for the construction process. The 100-foot-long pedestrian bridge that will run over the Arizona canal west of Scottsdale Road and will connect the Scottsdale Waterfront to retail and dining venues on the other side. Designed by Phoenix-area icon Paolo Soleri, the bridge and plaza will not only serve as a convenient mode of walking transportation, but additionally it will be seen as a cultural and artistic landmark. In fact, Scottsdale Public Art program has funded $1 million for the project.

For those looking to support the commencement of the soon-to-be pedestrian access way, a free ground breaking event will take place in the fall/winter 2008. www.scottsdalepublicart.org.

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