“Skinimalism for Men” Keeping Men’s Skincare Simple Yet Effective

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With June being Men’s Health Month, it’s time for men to start taking care of the largest organ in our bodies, our skin! I have always felt that skincare products and editorials highlight women’s skin and sort of clump men’s skin along with it.

But, Felicia Munion of Arizona Facial Plastics shares her tips and tricks that focus on men’s skin and the concept of “skinimalism,” to keep men’s skincare simple yet effective!

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Please tell me a little bit about yourself and your expertise: 

I’ve owned aesthetic medical practices since 2007, and am always researching new trends!  I have a background in law but have really enjoyed being in the aesthetic space.  It is so much fun to help clients achieve transformations that make them feel great about themselves.

What are some of the key differences between men’s skin and women’s skin?  

Men’s skin is generally thicker, and because of facial hair has different oil production.  

Does having higher testosterone levels than women affect our (men) skin?  

 It can. 

What is “skinimalism?” Can you talk about it for me?  

Although we had a break last year, life is so busy for so many of us.  Having an intense skincare routine with a ton of products can be impossible to easily integrate.  That’s why we focus on Skinimalism—doing the least possible to get the best results.  We try to keep it to 3 or 4 steps in the morning, and 3 – 4 at night.  They consist of WASH, TREAT, MOISTURIZE, and PROTECT. 

Many of our products are multitasking products—for example, several of our moisturizers contain peptides to build skin and retinol and other vitamins to strengthen your skin barrier.  Our Close Up Shaving Cream is a treatment that builds skin with peptides and moisturizers.  By focusing on those four simple steps you will easily and quickly achieve the healthiest skin.

Personally, my skin is rather oily, are there any specific ingredients I should look out for to keep my routine simple yet effective? 

Yes, you need a great cleanser with a light peel, like glycolic acid, to help keep bacteria off the skin.  And also, a high-end moisturizer.  When your skin is correctly moisturized you won’t produce as much oil. 

What ingredients are good for a man with dryer skin tendencies?  

With dry skin you have to hydrate inside and out.  Hyaluronic Acid is an amazing ingredient that will lock moisture into the skin.  Using a barrier moisturizer will also prevent moisture from leaving the skin, and will keep pollutants and other drying factors out.  Also, incorporate a Retinol into your routine.  Healthy skin is more vibrant and easier to keep hydrated.

I notice tons of men’s products are “two-in-one” or “three-in-one” moisturizers, lotions, and acne products. Are these products effective in your opinion?  

Yes!  Multitasking products are an amazing time saver and can make sure you are getting all the essentials in just a few products.  We offer a moisturizer that is a 5 – in – 1, and a shaving cream that is a 3 – in – 1.  Make sure they are medical-grade products and consult an expert to make sure you are choosing the right products for your skin.

Any advice for men with a lot of facial hair? Are certain facial products better when you have a mustache, beard, etc.?  

Wash your face!  When you wash your face regularly, and not just with water, you will create the conditions for healthy glowing skin.  Don’t use too much product, as you don’t want it to build up in the hair follicles.  With an effective moisturizer, you should be able to use a pea-sized amount twice a day.

Is there a reason you feel like men are now becoming more involved and interested in accurate skincare regimens?  

Skin is the biggest organ on the body.  As we continue to live longer, men are just as interested in looking youthful.  Maintaining your skin is a huge part of overall body health.  Who wants an incredible body and an old tired face?  No one!  When you take care of your skin you ensure that you will look as good as you feel.

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