Plans for Scottsdale’s $1 Billion The Parque Project are Underway

Plans are underway to revive the site of the now-closed CrackerJax amusement park in Scottsdale into a $1 billion, 32-acre mixed-use development titled “The Parque.”

The Parque will serve as an exciting destination for Scottsdale residents, bringing 250,000 square feet of commercial space, a hotel, residential units, dining options and a two-acre Central Park that will be open to the public to enjoy. 

The development will feature 12 structures in total, each ranging from one to 10 stories tall and boasting a variety of architectural styles. Among the notable buildings planned are the 223-room five-star hotel spanning about 189,000 square feet and the stylish apartments and condos that will offer more than 1,200 housing units.  

Additionally, The Parque will feature five restaurants that will be placed throughout the property and more than 25,000 square feet of retail space, giving residents multiple opportunities for dining and shopping. The Parque will also house close to 150,000 square feet of office space for multiple businesses and employers that will bring support to the economy and tech industry, specifically. 

To benefit the surrounding community and environment, The Parque promises to be environmentally conscious and incorporate eco-friendly features into the construction and design. These include the planting of multiple tree clusters, Scottsdale’s first net zero office building, a water collecting system that will repurpose rainwater and air condition condensation, as well as a parking facility that will feature a green roof and space for vegetation, along with solar energy generation and electric vehicle charging. 

Following the development’s approval by the Scottsdale City Council in 2023, the next phase of the project will require approval of a Development Review Board (DRB) application before developers can submit construction plans and receive permits for building. The process could take eight to twelve months before developers can move on to the next phases. 

“The Parque will be another Scottsdale landmark, a reflection of our city’s sustainable development ideals,” says Scottsdale Mayor David D. Ortega. “This project brings a best-in-class cyber security employer and other national security affiliates—a huge win for Scottsdale.”

Renderings courtesy City of Scottsdale

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