New Tenants Announced for Revitalized PV Mall

The Paradise Valley mall is undergoing a major transformation, with extensive renovations that will bring a plethora of dining options, entertainment venues and retail experiences to the area. Scheduled to have its grand opening in the summer of 2024, this multi-phase, multi-year project will revitalize one of the oldest and most affluent neighborhoods in metro Phoenix to one of the Southwest’s most monumental developments. Spanning an impressive 100 acres, the complex will feature numerous local favorites. 

Councilwoman Debra Stark expressed her excitement about the progress being made at PV, stating, “The progress being made at PV is phenomenal, and the upcoming phase one opening represents a significant milestone for Phoenix. This project will undoubtedly leave a positive impact on our local economy. PV is truly a testament to the strength and resiliency of our community, and I look forward to seeing the continued growth and prosperity it will bring.”

One of the most exciting aspects of the redevelopment is the addition of two unique restaurants from Fox Restaurant Concepts: Blanco Cocina + Cantina and Flower Child. Blanco, a lively and vibrant Sonoran-style Mexican restaurant, will entice guests with an expanded dinner menu and a bar program inspired by its sister restaurant hailing from Nashville. The new menu will showcase house-made corn tortillas in delectable tacos, cheese crisps and brand new steak and seafood entrées. The bar program will feature cocktails, margaritas and a unique menu of agave-based spirits. 

Situated near Blanco, just outside PV’s beautiful three-acre park in the heart of the complex, Flower Child will provide an inclusive dining experience catering to various dietary preferences; from vegan to keto to paleo. This healthy fast-casual eatery aims to create a welcoming environment where everyone can enjoy delicious, nourishing food.

Sam Fox, founder of Fox Restaurant Concepts, believes PV Mall is an amazing opportunity, stating, “Bringing Blanco and Flower Child to such an iconic location felt like a natural fit. With Blanco being the center beacon around the park, launching the restaurant’s new dining experience here was an opportunity we couldn’t miss.”

Also joining the restaurant lineup is Wren House Brewing Co., a renowned craft brewer rooted in Arizona. Wren House has gained a reputation for its exceptional quality and recent honors from the esteemed Great American Beer Festival. While they are currently in construction of a location in Ahwatukee, the brewer plans to bring a unique design to the PV taproom.

“For our spot in particular within the development, we will have a patio. It will be probably a similar size to our current taproom on 24th street- so not huge, it’s going to be intimate for sure,” said Drew Pool, co-owner of Wren House. “We’re expecting to do something unique, a little different than all of our other locations—so kind of bring a PV vibe to the space.”

In addition to the exclusive culinary offerings, the PV redevelopment will welcome prestige beauty retailer Sephora and renowned hair and skin care brand Aveda. Aveda’s full-service salon will offer a range of services, including haircuts, styling, color, extensions and more, with a focus on connecting beauty, sustainability and overall well-being.

Adding to the diverse mix of attractions is Frost Gelato, the fifth location of a popular Tucson-based company serving gelato and sorbet. The mixed-use development will also house a 400-residence luxury apartment building, Whole Foods Market and a Harkins Ciné Grill™. Phase two of the project in 2026 will feature additions such as Life Time Fitness that is projected to be a 92,000-square-foot luxury athletic country club.

“PV is not just about revitalizing the former Paradise Valley Mall, but creating a new destination that can be the core of the community,” said Mike Ebert, managing partner at RED Development, which is managing the commercial real estate project. “Welcoming best-in-class tenants like Sam Fox’s Blanco and Flower Child, Sephora and Aveda along with local favorites Wren House Brewing and Frost Gelato brings us a step closer to shaping the space we envisioned that fundamentally fosters a sense of belonging and pride in the neighborhood.”

Overall, the project promises to deliver an extraordinary and transformative experience for visitors. Offering a vibrant array of restaurants, experiences and community spaces, the development is poised to become a cultural landmark and a source of pride for the thriving Phoenix community. 

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Photos: RED Development

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