Bethenny Frankel Releases ‘Naturally Thin’

Who needs Sex & the City when we’ve got Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City to keep us entertained and vicariously living the Manhattan/Hamptons classy lifestyle? While we may love to hate Alex and her odd husband, Bethenny Frankel is our favorite “housewife” and natural food chef who has not only won our hearts, but has inadvertently motivated us to eat right and work for a perfect bod just like hers. And since most of us can’t afford for her to be our own personal chef (as much as we want her to), stop by your nearest bookstore and pick up her new book “Naturally Thin — Release Your Inner Skinny Girl & Free Yourself of a Lifetime of Dieting”, released Monday.

bethenny frankel

Bethenny, the “health foodie” prides herself on making healthy meals taste delicious to demolish dieting and those inevitable cravings. She believes diets not only don’t work but are dangerous and foster an attitude in which people don’t take responsibility for their own lives. Her goal is to democratize health by making it accessible to everyone. The book features her ten tried-and-true rules, combined with a seven-day program that helps incorporate those rules into real life. It can also help anyone alleviate toxic “food noise,” freeing up the mind and body to find balance and return to its naturally thin state, without ever dieting again.

Another exciting addition to Bethenny’s growing empire is the development of the “SkinnyGirl™ Margarita” which has been one of the most popular topics on the Bravo Web site and has inspired her next endeavor, a book called “The Skinny Girl’s™ Guide to Cocktails” expected to release this summer!


Want a taste? Bethenny has created BethennyBakes, a line of low fat, wheat, egg and dairy free baked goods which can be found at The Food Emporium, Gristedes and will soon be available for purchase on her Web site: Her recipes and health tips can also be found on where she is their popular health expert.

Bethenny has aligned with brands such as Pepperidge Farm, Tupperware, and Cascade to incorporate her realistic health goals and knowledge into their corporate message and charity efforts. In addition, each year, Bethenny hosts Chefdance, a 10-day culinary event during the Sundance Film Festival in which Bethenny selects ten acclaimed chef to host their own meal to be served to Hollywood’s elite. According to her Web site, this is her pride and joy as it includes entertainment, food, snowboarding and film.

Visit for more information on Bethenny Frankel, to keep updated with her latest news and buy her baked goods.

  1. I love Bethenny! I actually just saw this book at Barnes & Noble the other day and I was intrigued because I know she helps cook for stars like Alicia Silverstone and I always see her column in Health magazine. I might have to look into those Margaritas for this weekend!

  2. I am totally for margaritas–and even more so for low-fat margaritas. I wonder what is used to make them “skinny”

  3. I have to admit i love this show!!!on a lame second note, yesterday on The Millionaire Matchmaker (i watch the worst tv) one of the girls on a date was wearing this exact same dress. HAHA

  4. I’m going to check this book out, I bet it’s really helpful. I don’t believe in ‘dieting’ either. You have to adopt eating well as a lifestyle and stick with it.

  5. Not only do I watch this show, I TIVO it. Sad but true. I’ll probably never buy the book but I do like Bethenny.

  6. the picture above of bethenny above needs alot of retouching (on her face), her photo on the book looks much better.

  7. Bethenny was always my favorite housewife of all of the casts. I just picked this book up yesterday and will be starting it today. Thanks for the review!

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