Meet The Valley’s Cutest Dog: Coco

Say hello to 3-pounds of adorable fluff and AZ Foothills 2017 Dog Days of Summer Cutest Dog Contest winner, Coco! The seven-month-old Maltese, who basically looks like a living Hostess Snowball, snagged a pawsome prize package including a feature in AZ Foothills Magazine and $500 cash.

The social media superstar is one smart little pupper who can perform a variety of tricks, including scrolling through Instagram where she has more followers than most humans at 17k+. Coco plans to use her super power of preciousness for good and is currently in therapy dog training.

The doggos strutted their stuff on a red carpet runway in front of a panel of pooch loving judges including previous Dog Days winner Zoe, a sweet Maltipoo rescue pup who volunteers her time as a therapy dog. Four winners were crowned including Best Small Dog, Best Large Dog, Best Dressed (yes you read that right), and Overall Winner.

Sadie, a sweet 1-year-old Cairn Terrier Dachshund mix took home Best Small Dog. Sadie, a once very ill young pup was nursed back to health by her rescuer and now enjoys chasing bugs and playing fetch.

Bella Boo Boo, an angelic 10-year-old Pitbull/Boxer mixer won Best Large Dog. Bella has a very sad backstory as a pup that was used as bait for backyard dog fighting by owners who dumped her at County starved, covered in ticks, with only one eye and scars all over her. Fortunately, she was rescued from the E-list and has been living in a loving home for over 3 years. Despite her blindness due to the removal of her eyes, Bella loves to play with her ball and is a registered ESA service dog that visits senior centers to keep the elderly company.

Woodstock, a darling 4-year-old Australian Terrier Mix who came to his casting call dressed in a shark costume, snagged Best Dressed. Woodstock spends his time chasing cats, eating things he shouldn’t, riding in his box in the front seat of his owner’s convertible with the top down, and of course wearing the latest fashions.

Check more aww worthy photos from the Finale here.

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