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What is love, and does anyone really know?   AZ Foothills got the chance to speak with Dani During, known for her work with the film “Love is…”  This documentary follows the story of two story tellers, Dani During and Kenny Bump, who open up to the world with their love stories, as well as share the love stories from others.  The two hoped to uncover the mystery that is love, resulting in a beautiful film filled with touching love stories.


Check out AZ Foothills’ exclusive interview with During below.

AFM – What would you tell someone who is unfamiliar with the video “Love is..?”

During – “Love Is…”  is a feature length documentary set out with the goal to define Love in its entirety. With two people – my good friend Kenny and I – no script and a camera, we are traveling the world to search for an underlying commonality of this word that is used in all cultures and walks of life. We know that there are many facets to “Love”, but if we can discover where it starts, how do we first receive it, how do we give it and keep it once we have it, we will help the world, as well as ourselves, live a more fulfilling and exceptional life.

AFM – What inspired this idea?

During – Kenny and I come from completely different upbringings and live on opposite sides of the country, both suffering from the inability to “love” ourselves. Our paths happen to cross through a film project and our friendship soon blossomed once we learned each other’s personal stories and what we both suffer from. We both share the same passion – to use the art of film to tell stories that will impact the lives of others. We knew that if we both struggled with the same inability, there had to be others who desperately needed to know HOW to “love” themselves as badly as we desired for ourselves. We wanted to use the art of film in the form of a documentary to deliver truth in a way that is entertaining and insightful at the same time. We are turning the cameras on ourselves and getting vulnerable in order for those who watch the film, will be able to relate. We are approaching this as whomever watches Love Is… will be journeying with us and we will experience everything together as we go.

AFM – You use the art of film to tell stories.. Which story has been your greatest you have told so far?

During – The greatest story ever told – the story of Jesus Christ walking on this Earth, one of true sacrifice and Love. This is the basis of everything I do and every story I hope to ever tell. That being said, it’s hard for me to pick just one because there are so many to be written. The greatest story being told every day is how Love and Truth rescued me and has the capability to rescue us all. That story is what drives me to film, to share my life and what I’ve been through with others, so we all know we are not alone and we are all going through a lot of the same trials.

AFM – What are your plans for the future?

During – I want to continue to use the art of film to tell stories that impact lives for positive change. I plan to continue to better myself in order to help others. There are many dreams and goals that I wish to accomplish along the way but ultimately, I am riding this wave of life trying to release control and allow the tide to take me whatever way it flows.

AFM – We greatly respected the vulnerability of telling your own love story.  Was it challenging to be vulnerable, and if so, how?

During – It is extremely challenging to be vulnerable with your own personal weaknesses, emotions and fears. I feel that by allowing myself to be vulnerable, it will help others become vulnerable as well. For so long I cared what others thought, sometimes I still catch myself, but I know that I have no place to ever judge anyone else. We all make decisions that affect the way we live, ultimately we will either learn or continue to keep stumbling. If I can share my heart with others, I know that others will be able to learn from my mistakes and hopefully choose another way that will end up benefiting them. My Love story has been the struggle to love myself. I knew in my heart that if I didn’t learn how, I wouldn’t ever be able to fully love to the capacity that I was created to.

AFM – What are your hopes for the future of love?

During – My hope is that everyone, myself included, can learn to Love and Be Loved. Not just say that they Love others and themselves, but actually become Love. Love is an action that keeps on moving. It never stops, even when we so badly want it to or don’t know how to give of it any longer. Love is a choice. My hope is that Love starts taking on a new meaning and a force to change the World.

AFM – If you could give advice on love and life in a simple sentence, what would that advice be?

During – Love Does.

Below are some behind the scene photos from the film.






Check out the official trailer and visit the website for additional information.


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