What Your Instagram Pictures Say About You

The pictures you post on Instagram are a way to express yourself.  That being said, the pictures you choose to post can say a lot about you.  There are an endless amount of categories of people who Instagram. Odds are, you have most likely fallen into one of the following ten categories for Instagrammers at least once.

The 10 Categories of Insagrammers:

1. The My Relationship Is My Life Girl

You most likely can identify a friend who only posts couples pictures with her boyfriend, or maybe you’re guilty of it yourself.  Regardless, everyone definitely knows both he and you are taken.


2. The Selfie Queen

You’re beautiful, and you know it.  You also want all your friends to know it.  Posting the occasional selfie is completely acceptable, even encouraged.  Just be sure to not post too many!


3. The Humble Bragger

We all have one of those friends who will post a picture on Instagram of their new sports car or their fabulous fancy vacation and caption it with “#blessed”, “so lucky” or “what a surprise!”  These Instagrammers will use these little captions to distract from the underlying bragging that is actually happening.


4. The World Traveller

Posting an occasional vacation picture does not place you into the category of a “World Traveller Instagrammer”.  These people are the people who make you hate your life every time they post, as they are always doing something spectacular in some  destination even more spectacular.


5. The Foodie

A Foodie Instagrammer is someone who posts a picture of food on every other picture, leaving you hungry after every post.  Even if she is your best friend, you might want to unfollow them during your spring break diet!


6. The Inspirational Quoter

Everyone needs a good inspirational quote every once and awhile.  If you fall into this category, you’re either really looking for inspiration or you’re a really nice person trying to spread this inspiration to all your friends and Instagram followers.


7. The Days of the Week Instagrammer

From “Woman Crush Wednesday”, to “Throwback Thursday” to “Transformation Tuesday”, there seems to be an Instagram code for pictures you need to post every day of the week.  If you’re someone who posts an Instagram for every day of the week, you either have nothing else to post other than old pictures, or you’re an avid and frequent Instagrammer.


8. The Happy Birthday Collager

An occasional “Happy Birthday!” Instagram collage doesn’t make you fall into this category.  These are the people who have Instagrams and solely post pictures on their friend’s birthdays.


9. The Desperately Seeking Likes Instagrammer

We all know the people who post a photo strictly for the purpose to see how many likes they accumulate.  These are the people who use hashtags such as “#LikesForLikes” or delete their pictures if it doesn’t get enough likes.  If you fall into this category, odds are you care an awful lot about what people think about you.


10. The Wanna Be Hipster

We all have that friend who tries too hard to post a picture that makes them look unique, or like a hipster.  From hipster sunglasses to pictures in looking down or staring into the sunset, these want to be hipsters are trying their best to stand out from the crowd by resorting to hipsterdome.


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