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Idol Kicks Off in Phoenix!

While men stay in to watch the big game, ladies, we stay in to watch Randy, Paula, Simon, Ryan and the talented (and not so talented) contestants of the one and only American Idol! Of course genders may jump sides, but we can all agree that American Idol has become the biggest American frenzy since Elvis Presley. Sorry guys, even the Super Bowl is becoming second to the AI finale extravaganza. And now the days of waiting are finally over because tonight Season 8 of the show heard round the world kicks off with Idol wannabes from right here in Phoenix, Arizona!



What’s new in AI Season 8?

The Fourth Judge


It’s a brand new season, with brand new contestants, brand new talent and brand new drama. But that’s not the only thing new to American Idol Season 8. You’ve probably heard of the additional judge on this season’s panel — the Grammy-Nominated songwriter Kara DioGuardi. Her optimism and empathy toward the contestants, countering Simon’s harsh and overcritical critiques, is expected to bring a Paula-esque type judging. Executive Producer Cecile Frot-Coutaz says AI originally intended on having four judges, mirroring the international series. I for one am excited for Kara’s debut. AI needs another female perspective and Paula could use some back-up against Simonster.

No Idol Gives Back
A more unfortunate change to this year’s season — Idol Gives Back will not return. Seems even American Idol is facing cutbacks with our current economic situation. But according to Ken Warwick, the IGB preparation process is pretty grueling and takes away from the main competition, which is just weeks later. However, IGB is not permanently removed from AI, according to Warwick. So hopefully next year things will change… among other things.

More Social Coverage
This year, the cameras won’t only be pointed at the stage. During Hollywood Week the contestants will be captured off stage, showing more of their social interactions. I guess to be an idol, you must act like one too.

All-New AmericanIdol.com
What’s American Idol without the incessant blogging and online video playbacks? American Idol has revamped its Web site so when you’re not glued to your t.v., you’re on AmericanIdol.com. The new features include a utility bar with search and Community links, richer site navigation, home page videos, new photo gallery, upgraded video player, and best of all, the brand new MyIdol Community! If you’re veering toward the obsessed side, this cyber-Idol network is for you. MyIdol allows you to interact with infatuated fans just like you. Once you’re a member (don’t worry, it’s free) you can peruse exclusive, members-only content, create your own MyIdol profile, photo galleries and blog, send messages, receive updates from friends, and join discussion forums for AI rumors and gossip.

Idol gets better and better every year!



  • American Why-dol says:

    I still don’t get how Fantasia won. Also, not sure adding a fourth person is a good idea. Too many voices.

  • Michelle says:

    I love the audition episodes of Idol–even better that they’re in Phoenix!

  • Mia says:

    I’ll take Idol over the SuperBowl any day!

  • Mandy says:

    haha me too michelle!! I can’t believe what a following this show has! its amazing!

  • Debbie says:

    I loved the blind guy who was on tonight!

  • Janet says:

    I am really not digging the 4 judges thing

  • azrunner says:

    Anytime someone needs a little boost of confidence they should watch the audition episodes. I think they’re so funny! The rest of the season I never watch.

  • Mary-Lou says:

    Finally, its back! Originally when American Idol first started I really wasn’t that interested, in fact, I was more embarrassed just sitting on my coach watching these people make such fools of themselves. But, after a couple of years my rosy-checks turned red from laughter, now I just find the beginning weeks comical. I become more of a loyal follower towards the middle when contestants really start kicking things up a notch. Can’t wait to see who wins this year.

  • Jerome T. says:

    Please make it stop. I hate American Idol so much that i would pay my own hard-earned moeny to make it go away. why cant; TV producers spend the money and the time to create real televsision shows, like they used to. shows that actually require creativity and talent. American Idol is making us all dumber by the minute.

  • Dee Anna says:

    Does anyone know what resort in Phx they held this at??

  • jo says:

    heard paula quit??

  • Naomi Watts says:

    Wow American Idol! I think the four judge thing is weird. You can tell it was for Paula for backup, or is she replacing her!? DUHDUHDDUUU!!!! Who knows! I know I get into the show once they are down to final 20! Going to be a few weeks.

  • Sierra says:

    Blech. I’m totally with Jerome on this. I hate this show, why won’t it go away? I don’t even watch it but I STILL have to hear about it because it’s always talked about on radio show the next morning, or written about in my Entertainment Weekly or talked about on the news. It’s everywhere. Go away wannabee singers!

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