How to Social Distance When You’re a Social Butterfly

Calling all social butterflies, having a hard time during quarantine? You have hugs to give and conversation quotas to meet! We feel you and we’re here to help. Here are some easy ways to feel more connected through this time of social distancing.

Facetime a Friend

Life can get busy and it’s easy to go months without chatting with a good friend and not even noticing. Now is the time to take an hour and catch up. Grab some coffee, or a glass of wine, and take your mind off the fact that you might not remember what day of quarantine you’re on.

Host a Netflix Watch Party

Yes! You really can sync movies to watch simultaneously with your friends. Here’s how:

  • Download this extension
  • Open up Netflix, and choose a movie to watch
  • Once the Netflix Party extension icon, found next to your address bar, changes from gray to red, click on it.
  • It will prompt you to “Create a Netflix Party”.
  • Click “Start the party.”
  • A link will appear, then click “Copy URL” and share it with your friends.

It’s that easy! You’ll have control over whether everyone will be able to manipulate playback or if you want to keep those privileges to yourself. Happy binging!

Tune in to Live-Streamed Concerts

Unfortunately, many artists have had to either cancel or postpone any upcoming concerts and tours. Lucky for us, musicians have been taking their talents to Instagram and performing live shows for their followers. John Legend, Keith Urban and Miguel have all joined in, to name a few.

Get Organized

Take this extra time in your schedule to clear out your closet or pantry! We know you’ve been putting it off for too long. Once the quarantine craziness is over, you’ll be ready to jump back into your busy routine. It may not be the most fun or relaxing activity on your list, but you will thank yourself later.

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