How to Make a Stylish Gingerbread House

December is here, which means it is time to decorate our houses with Christmas trees, tinsel, ornaments, wreaths and yummy gingerbread houses. When you sit down this year to make a festive gingerbread house, try out these new tactics for a new-and-improved gingerbread creation.

Peppermint Milk-Carton Home
Even young children can create a peppermint house by spreading royal icing over a piece of sturdy cardboard:

I would recommend sticking with the theme of peppermint. Decorate the small container with fun peppermint candy and red candy. Licorice is also a festive choice.

Pastel-Themed Gingerbread House
If you want to create something colorful and less Christmas-y, try decorating your gingerbread house in pastel colors:

The baby blue, sunshine yellow and light pink makes the gingerbread village relaxed and cheerful. There is no doubt you will have many people commenting on how original and cute these houses are.

A Roof for Santa’s Sleigh
Try these ideas for an innovative gingerbread house roof:

Triscuit Crackers:

You can even decorate the crackers to go along with your theme.

Frosted Mini Wheats:

Who says you can’t add cereal to your creation? You can even be healthy too.

Licorice or Sour Patch Straws:

This is an easy way to make the roof look sophisticated.


Who doesn’t want a roof made out of “milk’s favorite cookie”?

It’s All in The Detail
For a classy gingerbread house, pick one element of the house that you would like to focus on and make it flawless. Concentrate on giving that area as much detail as possible, then leave the other elements simple:

Candy Monster:
Try snacks and candy you have never used before to decorate. This list will guide you in a fun and creative decorating direction:

– Try shredded coconut for snow
– Think marshmallows, black licorice, blackberry-shaped candy for a snowman
– Want to have a winter feel? Use Tootsie Toll pops for piles of wood next to your cabin
– Jolly Ranchers
– Gummy Bears
– Pretzels
– PEZ Candy

– Toffee Bits
– Pop Rocks
– Runts

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