Haunted Hotel Ball to be a Must-Attend Halloween Extravaganza


Haunted Hotel Ball, an annual Halloween ball extravaganza, is set to return to The Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale for a two-day costume ball.  Over 5,000 party-goers are expected to attend this highly anticipated weekend.  Festivities will take place from Oct. 31 until Nov. 1.

The event will include three thrilling parties, along with over 20 top DJs, including DJs Decipha, Tranzit and Slippe.  The beautiful Anchusa Ballroom in the Sagurao hotel will transform into an EDC dance club, and Zocalo will house the best hip-hop/urban music.  Guests should expect the top entertainment that will both scare and delight.


Arizona Foothills got the chance to speak with the Haunted Hotel Ball Innkeeper, Mr. Franklin Bates.  Check out what he has to say about this unmissable Halloween party below.

What should attendees expect to see at the event?

Expect the unexpected. We are transforming The Saguaro into a fantasyland for adults with three different rooms of music and over 20 DJs. Mr. Franklin Bates is bringing along his sideshow of friends including an aerialist mummy, stilt walker bellman, dominatrix, psychic palm readers, snake charmers and even a mermaid for the Masquerage Pool Party. But the real stars of Haunted Hotel Ball are our guests, who will be dressed in their most sultry, gruesome and creative costumes.

Can guests attend all three nights of the ball?

Absolutely! For the full Haunted Hotel Ball experience we encourage our guests to check in on Friday and stay the weekend. We have a 3-Party VIP Pass that provides admission to all 3 parties for about 25% the price of individual tickets to each event. The Saguaro is offer discounted hotel room rates and waiving resort fees to guests who choose to stay for one or more nights. Tickets and hotel rooms can be purchased on our website at www.HauntedHotelBall.com.

Is this year an annual event, or does it have the intentions to be?

Haunted Hotel Ball has been in Scottsdale since 2010 and based on the past success, I saw the opportunity to expand it into a full weekend experience.  The event actually started in Chicago and has also taken place in Las Vegas. Next year we are looking to expand Haunted Hotel Ball into more cities across the U.S.

Is dressing up in costume for the ball encouraged, and if so what would Franklin Bates suggest?

All of our guests dress up as Haunted Hotel Ball is the place for them to lose themselves and be anything or anyone they want. I love to see creativity. We’ve had guests come as living disco balls, body painted head to toe like characters from Avatar and even a 10 foot tall Transformer that shot fire. If you’re not that creative that’s ok, I am a sucker for all the sexy costumes the women wear.

What age demographic is the ball hoping to attract?

Haunted Hotel Ball attracts a 25-40 year old clientele that is looking for a fun place to celebrate Halloween, but something more exciting than a typical nightclub and more exclusive than a street festival.

What is the events hashtag?

We may be a haunted hotel, but we’re very socially connected. The official hashtag is #HauntedHotelBall. You can also follow me on Twitter @MrFranklinBates

What should people look out for as the event approaches?

Our tickets are becoming very limited and the hotel is nearing full occupancy. I highly recommend partygoers looking to attend to purchase tickets now or risk being left out.

Check out an up close interview with Mr. Franklin Bates below.

For additional information, visit Haunted Hotel Ball’s website.

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