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Guilt Begone!

Your next trip to Starbucks doesn’t have to be an ubercaffeinated, full-tilt-calorie excursion “with whip.” The company just introduced its Vivanno smoothies. Two varieties—orange mango banana and banana chocolate—weigh in between 250 and 270 calories, with 16 and 21 grams of protein and 5 and 6 grams of fiber respectively. Both are made with a real banana, and the orange mango banana is mixed with the popular, all-natural Naked juices. Most important, they taste pretty darn good. And while they do include milk and a proprietary fiber and protein powder, the baristas at my neighborhood joint were happy to substitute soy and green tea powder. If you’ve been wanting to do your part to help save Starbucks, here’s one more way. www.starbucks.com  

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