Going Out the Safe Way: Nightlife Safety 101


The Valley has  so many great things to do at night.  From great restaurants, to bars to clubs, there is always a place to go!  However, while you’re exploring all the Valley has to offer, it’s important to be aware that there are ways to be safe and not to be safe while out at night.  Featured below are some safety tips to make sure you end your night with only happy memories.

1. Safety in Numbers 


Not only is one lonely number, but an unsafe way to go out.  There’s more security with a big group of people late at night rather than an individual or two.  While avoiding dark areas such as alleys and using the sidewalk, walk in groups whenever you have the opportunity and walk with confidence at a steady pace.

2. Avoid Excessive Drinking


Yes, we all have those nights where we drink too much.  However, making it a habit can put yourself and others at danger.  Alcohol affects everyone differently, so be smart and know how alcohol affects you personally.  You know your limits, so don’t let your friends talk you into taking that extra shot.

3. “Wing-Man” responsibilities 


Being a “wing-man (or woman)” for your friend comes with an unsaid list of responsibilities that are sometimes easily forgotten. Ladies, watch your friends drink when she leaves it.  If you lose your friend at the bar, don’t just make the assumption that they’re okay.  Make it a point to always know where your friends are, it could save their life.

4. Take a cab


We all know it isn’t convenient to leave your car and spend a little extra cash to get home, but it could save your life or the life of someone else.  Fortunately for the people in the Valley, there are many great taxi services at your convenience.

Featured below are 5 taxi services you should put in your phone next time you want to hit the town.

  1. Discount Taxi
  2. PHX Taxi
  3. AAA Transportation 
  4. Budget VIP Transportation 
  5. Arizona Cab Company 


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