Five Ways Your Smart Phone Can Be Harmful


Smart phones have become people’s best friends.  Odds are that you and your smart phone are inseparable.  You take it everywhere with you, and you are constantly looking at it to check social media updates, browse pictures, check emails and much more.  However, while your smart phone is awesome, you might not be aware of the ways your smart phone can be harmful to you.

In a recent article from Cosmopolitan, they revealed just how bad smart phones can be for your beauty. Here are five ways your cell phone is harming you, along with some easy solutions for how to fix it:

1.  Did Someone Say Wrinkes?

While you’re squinting at your phone to try and read your e-mails or browse your twitter feed, you are increasing the likelihood for wrinkles around your eyes.  That line you often see between someone’s eyebrows when someone is concentrating can often become a permanent wrinkle.  These wrinkles do not typically appear until around your 30’s or 40’s.

Solution: This fix is easy.  First off, you can simply make your font just a little bigger on your screen.  You can also try to become consciously aware of the faces you are making, relaxing your face muscles as often as possible.

Another way wrinkles can be caused by cell phones is by constantly looking down to text.  While your neck is creasing up as you send a text, your neck will begin to sag and become untoned.

Solution: Hold your phone at face level when you are texting.  This solution will easily prevent any unwanted slack of the neck and jawline.

2.  Acne Attack

When you press your phone against your cheek, the dirt and bacteria on your screen is transferred into your pores.  The rise of smart phones and the rise of acne go hand in hand.

Solution: This is when it would be helpful to use earphones or a plugin phone.  Also, be sure to wipe your phone daily with a disinfecting wipe.


3.  Too Obsessed to Smell the Roses

It’s natural to become obsessed with your smart phone.  How often do you see a table of people out to dinner and every person is on their smart phones?

Solution: It’s important to get some real in-person face time.  Try putting your phone in your purse during dinner.  Just chit chat with your friends.  You might just find the separation from your device refreshing!

4.  It’s Aging You

Have you ever talked on the phone so long that your phone gets heated?  The prolonged heat can increase melanin on the area where your phone is being pressed against.  This can give you brown spots and an uneven tone.  Nobody wants to look older than they are!

Solution: Try to use headsets or to put your phone on speaker as much as possible.  They also sell fun phones that look old fashioned you can plug into your phone and speak into.

5.  Sleep Deprivation

Every time you roll over on your bed to check that last minute e-mail or browse through your social media, you are messing with your sleep cycle.  The blue-spectrum light interferes with your body’s ability to produce melatonin.  Melatonin is the chemical in your body that makes you sleepy.

Solution: If you can’t resist the urge to check your phone before your beauty sleep, try dimming the light on your smart phone.  You can also make your colors invert, which turns your screen black and the font white.


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