First-of-Its-Kind Clean Air Store to Open at Promenade Scottsdale

Air quality management company PuriFi Labs is set to open its inaugural clean air store at the Promenade Scottsdale next month.   

This Scottsdale-based company focuses on creating air purification systems for residential and commercial clients where all products are manufactured locally. 

“This is a first-of-its-kind clean air experience,” says PuriFi President Jerry McGuire. “Our goal with the PuriFi Store is to share the immediate impact of breathing cleaner air with consumers and visually show them the difference in air quality between our PuriFi-ed environment and a typical home or business.” 

PuriFi President Jerry McGuire is pictured, right. Photo: Paul Markow

Slated to open August 14, the 5,500-square-foot PuriFi Scottsdale store will give customers the opportunity to experience firsthand  what clean air quality is. The immersive indoor air-quality will show how PuriFi’s air purification technologies work. 

“When customers visit our facilities what we consistently hear from them is that they immediately see, feel and smell the difference. The air is so crisp and clean. It’s palpable,” says McGuire. 

Inside the store, guests will be able to see a model living room set up which shows typical indoor air quality. There will also be a seven-foot-tall smart screen which streams real time air quality data. An air quality specialist will always be stationed at the front desk to answer questions and share more details on air quality or air purification techniques. 

PuriFi’s revolutionary technology is critical considering recent reports from the U.S Environmental Protection Agency show that indoor air quality can be much more dangerous than outdoor air quality. PuriFi’s technology delivers two to five times and up to 100 times cleaner indoor air than outdoor air.

The company’s state-of-the-art laser technology makes invisible particles visible, providing the customer with demonstrable results of the difference they will experience with PuriFi’s technology. The LED screen in the store will show the airborne particles seen in indoor environments without PuriFi’s technology versus the store’s air quality. 

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