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Fans Dangerously Try to Emulate Kylie Jenner’s Plump Pout

Image courtesy of eonline

It’s a well known fact that Kylie Jenner has a girl’s dream lips.  Like the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Kylie Jenner Challenge has taken over the internet, with fans releasing videos on videos of swollen enlarged lips, trying to emulate Jenner’s beautiful pout.  This slightly disturbing challenge, takes the quest to get big lips to the extreme.

The challenge requires three steps:

1. Find shot glass (or small glass that will fit around lips)
2. Insert lips
3. Suck until your lips swell.

The challenge, however, does not leave its challengers with a full and healthy lips.  Rather, it leaves fans with bruised and swollen lips, some even resulting in injuries.

Below are two of the top videos of this challenge.

While this challenge might just seem like a funny social media trend, the social media craze can be extremely dangerous.  Below is a video talking about how the Kylie Jenner challenge has “gone wrong.”

While the Kylie Jenner challenge was inspired by Jenner herself, Kylie Jenner in no way supports the challenge.
Jenner’s response can be seen below.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.00.02 PM

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