Cayla Gray: Capturing Fleeting Memories with Timeless Scents

Kelly Kussman is the owner, designer, and vision behind Cayla Gray. She started her career in fragrance buying for a major department store where she engaged with both established and niche brands, falling in love with the distinctive nature of scents and their ability to make memories tangible. 

After more than a decade in traditional retail, Kelly  ultimately found that the surest road to success would  involve following her own unique path. She eventually  relocated to Phoenix, Arizona and began the journey to  start a new business venture — and grow her family.  

In 2017, she faced the tragic loss of her first baby who she  planned to call Cayla Gray. After struggling with another  ectopic pregnancy, Kelly wanted to create a legacy that not  only honored the beauty and heartbreak of this  bittersweet experience, but also fueled her personal passion  for fragrance. From this desire, the Cayla Gray collection  was born.  

With Cayla Gray, Kelly has stepped away from traditional perfume practices and returned to an artisan mentality to curate a line of clean scents that are  American-made, ethically-cultivated, and fairly-priced for self and home. This thoughtful spirit is imbued in the brand,  keeping the business as transparent as possible by designing her products locally and collaborating with makers globally.

I was sitting on the dock with my dad one night, looking across the water after sunset,  and thought to myself, times like this are exactly why I started Cayla Gray. To capture this moment in fragrance and create an instant connection to that experience every time you revisit the scent.

I love fragrance,  I love everything about it. They can truly elevate your lifestyle, evoking an emotion or memory that makes everything around you feel more beautiful. That’s the experience  I want to share with people.

– Kelly Kussman, owner of Cayla Gray



Embrace the feel – and scent – of cozying up in warm flannel, glasses of aged wine,  well-worn vintage books, and clear nights gazing at star-drenched skies. 



Fueled by memories of firesides, wood  burning low in the fireplace and adventures in  the forest, every note is meant to wrap-up and  warm like a beloved winter sweater. 



A light, fresh scent inspired by the smell of rain-infused water, clean laundry, and the spirit of endless summer afternoons from the seaside to the woods.



A complex scent with a little bit  of warmth, this layered floral fragrance steers away from tradition and inspires the feeling  of sweet spring mornings, open fields and  shady spots beneath sweeping trees. 

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