Bridal DIY: How to Keep Your Engagement Ring Virus-Free & Sparkling

The COVID-19 crisis has people all over practicing even better hygiene and brides-to-be know that washing their hands (the right way) is even more important now than ever. But, something you may forget about is the significance of keeping your engagement rings and wedding bands just as sanitary as your hands. Robbins Brothers, The Engagement Ring Store has broken down the jewelry cleaning process so you can keep your gorgeous rings shining bright and virus-free. Luckily, this process only calls for a few supplies that you likely already have in your house.

Step #1

Before even starting the cleaning process, back away from the sink! Although it may be tempting to simply run water over your ring, you don’t want to risk accidentally dropping it down the drain. Instead, grab any bowl and fill it with warm water and dishwashing soap to create a gentle solution.

Step #2

Once you have mixed the water and soap in the bowl, let your ring soak for about 30 minutes (depending on your ring, you may want to only leave it in for 15-20 minutes). After it saturates, lightly brush it with a soft toothbrush. In other words, leave your electric toothbrush to strictly teeth. This will gently remove any dirt or germs that the solution didn’t eliminate in those hard to reach spots, and make your ring appear polished and shiny. 

Step #3

After that, resist the urge to grab a towel for drying it right away. Let the ring air dry instead, as this will reduce any irritation or scratches that harsh towels could cause. It won’t take too long to dry, so you can show your shiny and clean ring off (all over again) on your Instagram story!

Maintaining a clean, sparkling ring during and even after this crisis passes is essential to keep your hands sanitary and healthy. Plus, it provides some much-needed entertainment! To check out classic and unique engagement rings, visit Robbins Brothers, The Engagement Ring Store.

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