The Art of Attraction: What Makes Someone Attractive


Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match.  The world has all different types of people, with everyone wanting something different.  But what exactly sets someone apart from someone else, and why?

Featured below are the top five qualities women look for in a significant other according to Kelleher International, a selective matchmaking firm designed for elite singles, with the distinguished reputation for being the best matchmakers in the country.  Men, when you’re on your quest for the perfect lady, make sure you posses these qualities.

1. Security

This is a given.  Women want to know they can trust their partner, and that their partner is looking out for their better interests.  This is necessary in order to feel protected from all physical, emotional and financial danger that might come her way.

2. Ambition

Women don’t want a man who lacks plans and goals.  It’s vital to posses the quality of an ambitious person who is aspiring to something bigger!

3. Attention

Any woman wants attention in order to feel wanted.  Whether this attention is something like deeply engaging in conversation or something as simple as complimenting her dress, a little attention can go a long way.

4. Affection

It’s no secret girls love a little romance.  Women needs these signs of love, whether it be a huge romantic gesture or a kiss goodbye.  These gestures are a vital form of communication necessary for a successful relationship.

5. Intelligence

While attraction is necessary, you won’t find many women who will want an attractive guy if it means he also lacks brains.  A level of intelligence that can lead to stimulated conversation and a good sense of humor will lead to better communication and a better relationship in the long run.

Featured above are Amber Kelleher-Andrews, CEO, and her mother, Jill Kelleher, Founder, Kelleher International.

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Jean Marie Adams is the Managing Partner at Kelleher International, a selective matchmaking firm designed for elite singles, with distinguished reputation for being the best matchmakers in the country. She has been making love happen since 1986.

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