5 Faves with Stylista Fitness


Name: Melissa Moore






Age: 37

Occupation title: Fashion Blogger

Fave #1: Nekter The Buzz Juice

When I’m feeling run down from the million things I have to do or if I’m feeling a cold come on, I drink this and it’s like MAGIC. I instantly feel awake and healed. Miracle juice!


Fave #2: Bohoo.com

This is both an obsession and problem. Bohoo.com is an amazing online retailer with the latest trends and affordable fashion. It’s my fave because the shipping is pretty quick and there’s almost always a 50% off coupon.


Fave #3: Live Crude Everything Oil

I recently discovered this beauty item and it’s changed my life. It’s an oil made of pure botanical ingredients. It comes with a PULL cloth (microfiber cloth). You basically massage the oil on your face and take your makeup off with a warm, damp PULL microfiber cloth. It literally melts your makeup off. You then use the oil to moisturize the skin. My skin has never been so radiant.


Fave #4: PiYo® Strength Workout

I’ve been teaching PiYo for the last three years. It’s a type of exercise that is a blend of Pilates and Yoga. It has whipped me into shape and changed my body in so many ways. It’s my spirit workout!

Fave #5: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

It really is BETTER THAN SEX! Kidding, lol! My lashes stick straight and have no volume but when I use this mascara I’m all of a sudden a SEX GODDESS. Thank you Too Faced!


Fast Favorites

Book: Blindness by Jose Saramago

Movie: Love Me if You Dare

TV Show: Game of Thrones

Guilty Pleasure: Talenti Ice Cream

Time of Day: I’m a morning person. It’s when my brain poops gold nuggets!

Valley restaurant: OH MY GOSH, SO MANY! Valley Luna Mexican Restaurant

Annual Local Event: Phoenix Fashion Week

Thing about Arizona: You suffer through the summer but you get the sunny comfortable winters. I love the hikes and nature is only an hour drive away.

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