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5 Faves with KJ Pinc


Name: KJ Pinc






Age: 21

Occupation title: Blogger/Photographer

Fave #1: Canon 6d

This camera allows me to capture my favorite moments.


Fave #2: Skiplagged (iOS App)

This app lets me to travel as much as I do and keep cost down.


Fave #3: Buffalo Nickel Hat

I believe you’re never full dressed without a hat and it’s my favorite.


Fave #4: Levi’s Denim (any + all)

They’re simply my favorite denim brand.


Fave #5: Tan/Black Western Style Mules

I love boots and mules are an awesome alternative to boots, especially in the summer.


Fast Favorites

Book: Any Ancient Egyptian History book

Movie: Donnie Darko or Requiem for a Dream

TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy and American Horror Story

Guilty Pleasure: Trader Joe’s Cookies (those ones in the clear, round tub… yum)

Time of Day: 7 pm

Valley restaurant: Simi’s Cafe (I live for Vietnamese food)

Annual Local Event: Tempe Music Festival

Thing about Arizona: Northern Arizona; including Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon,

Monument Valley, etc.


Hello! I’m KJ and I am a travel and lifestyle blogger/photographer based in Phoenix and Seattle. I started my blog a few years ago as a creative outlet for myself, never once thinking that much would stem from it, but I am so incredibly blessed that things have. If there’s even just one thing I wish to inspire people to do through my work, it’s to travel and see the world. Traveling, even just nation-wide, can be such a humbling experience and I hope everyone has the chance to explore as much and as far as possible.

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