4 Tips For Organizing A Coffee & Tea Station In Your Kitchen

by Mika Perry

Many people will tell you that a rock-solid morning routine is the key to a successful day, but a nightly routine is your secret weapon to enjoying a stress-free morning. That means both are equally important when it comes to increasing productivity.

To simplify things in your home, why not combine your morning coffee station with your evening tea station? This creates a convenient and efficient system where everything is in one spot, providing less headaches when it’s time to get caffeinated with your morning coffee, or when it’s time to wind down with your evening tea.

Here are four tips to consider when creating an organized coffee and tea station in your kitchen.

Find a zone that brings all the elements into one spot.

Think about everything you need for a morning cup of coffee or your nighttime tea and try to corral all of the supplies into one area of your kitchen. Start with your coffee machine, your water source, your fridge and go from there in arranging where your mugs and coffee/tea should go.

Be sure to utilize cabinets, drawers, and counter space collectively to create your station.

Don’t forget that many cabinet shelves are adjustable. If there’s a cabinet that would be perfect for your mugs or coffee and tea, adjust the heights of the shelving so that everything fits.

Take items out of original packaging.

Original boxes and bags often take up more room than needed and cause a more visually busy and cluttered look. This happens often in pantries.  However, when you take items out of their original packaging – often called decanting in the organizing world – you can take stock of what you have, access those items easier and they take up less space. Think about a box of cereal with a bag inside versus a clear cereal container with an airtight lid on top. Or a box of granola bars in which you can’t tell how many are still left inside versus a basket filled with bars, ready to grab when you need one.

In the coffee and tea station, take the tea bags or Keurig pods out of the boxes. This allows more room in a drawer, makes them individually accessible, and it looks much more streamlined. Tea bags that are not individually wrapped can be placed in jars with an airtight lid. Having them in a jar like this or this can look very pretty, or you can keep the jar in a cabinet if you don’t want to take up counter space.

Use dividers.

A quick way to make any space look more intentional and organized is by using dividers. They keep items where they belong and tell you where to put things when re-stocking or putting items away. These spring-loaded dividers are useful in any drawer (you can see how I used them in another kitchen drawer here.) You can also use individual dividers in acrylic or bamboo which can further section out your drawer and its contents. The key to using those is to measure drawer first and build it all together like a puzzle.

Bring your wellness practices into the picture.

These artisan glass jars are perfect for holding coffee and tea wellness add-ons. For example, one jar can have collagen peptides, which are great to mix into morning coffee, or a jar of magnesium powder that can be mixed with hot water at night for a “calm tea” of sorts. Using jars adds uniformity by becoming part of the decor.

There are lots of ways to create an organized coffee and tea station depending on the items you like to use and what kind of kitchen you have. But these four tips will help create a customized, streamlined, beautiful and efficient space for your morning and nightly routines.

About the Author

Mika Perry is a mom, blogger, influencer and podcaster who shares thoughtfully-curated tips and tricks to help her dedicated followers live a more balanced, organized, healthy and happy life. As a former professional organizer, she is well-known for her home organization content. Mika also co-hosts the Good to be Home Podcast with her husband, Russ. Good to be Home is a weekly exploration of entrepreneurship, family, marriage, sobriety and how to balance business and life. Visit mikaperry.com for more of Mika’s helpful home hints and follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

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