What Every It Girl Should Know Before The WMPO

woman playing golf on a green


The 2016 Waste Management Phoenix Open is around the corner.  Any girl planning to attend next week’s tournament with some of the Valley’s best needs to come prepared.

Featured below are the top things ever girl should know before attending to this year’s Waste Management Phoenix Open.

  1. Collapsable Chairs

Whether you’re patiently waiting while one of the open’s top pros is taking his time to tee off or you’re looking to stake out a prime sideline view of the fairway, a chair will come in handy.  According to the WMPO’s rules, a chair bag is not allowed, but you can bring a collapsable chair to carry.

2. Celebrity Sightings

If you’re looking to scope out celebrities, Wednesday is your best shot.  On Wednesday, February 3, many celebrities and others take part in the annual Annexus Pro-Am, which kicks off at 8:30 a.m.  If you’re hoping to sneak in a celebrity autograph, they advise you to approach the celebs after the round is complete.

3.  More Items To Bring

Whether to scoping out celebrities or getting to see a potential hole in one, a pair of binoculars will come in handy.  Be sure to bring a hat and sunscreen, since the tournament is in the peak of the day.

4.  What To Wear

The golf tournament is not the only thing to watch at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.  Checking out the fashion of attendees also becomes a total spectator sport.  This means, you’ll want to look your best.  Some women will sport their cutest golf wear, while others will wear a cute sundress with a fashionable hat.  Both daytime appropriate options are acceptable.  You should also be prepared to do a lot of walking; so, be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

The first event for this year’s open begins Monday, February  1.  For a full calendar of events, click HERE.

For all you need to know about tickets and scheduling, visit Waste Management Phoenix Open’s website.

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