The Best Images Captured by GoPro

GoPro has become one of the most popular ways to capture pictures and videos of adventurous activities. This compact and waterproof camera doesn’t take a professional videographer or unbeatable adventurous activity to get an amazing picture.  Everyone from Hollywood filmmakers to an everyday person has taken advantage of this handy device to get photos from a uniquely GoPro perspective.

Check out the interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 minutes with GoPro founder Nick Woodman.  The video shows some of the amazing ways people have used GoPro.

Featured below are some of the top ways GoPro has been used to capture photos that are only possible because of GoPro.


SBA_PDP_DiveImage via

Skydiving GoPro

ht_gopro_bomb_squad_wy_131120_16x9_992Image via

Featured below is an awe-inspiring vertical skydiving experience made possible with GoPro.

action-photography-gopro-hero3-1Image via miungblog

Cliff Jumping

best-photographs-made-with-gopro-2014-artnaz-com-3Image via


GoPro%20Surf%20Mount%20ASURF-001Image via


1aa0751fe38b8dfbda6de8db07b0dbb7Image via Pinterest


maxresdefaultImage via Ben Brown’s youtube

Underwater Wildlife

gopro-dolphin-hd-video1Image via wideopenfish

On a Bald Eagle’s Wing

EagleImage via visualnews

Go Pro With Lion

maxresdefault-1Image via elitedaily

For other images and adventure ideas with GoPro, visit GoPro’s website.

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