Green Philosophy Co: Bringing Nature into Your Home

Written by Jenna Medlin-Roark

Green Philosophy Co is a company known for succulent and leaf pillows. Coming in a variety of different colors and styles, these pillows are bound to bring a bit of nature into your home, business, or office. The pillows are a great interior design piece as well as something to hold onto while lying on the couch or sitting at your desk at work.

I personally use my Green Philosophy Co. pillow while I am working to help with stress and relaxation. I also often find my cats using it to prop their heads up to sleep!

– Jenna Medlin-Roark

Green Philosophy Co. is a woman-owned business started out of California that goal is to “help improve people’s quality of life by boosting their moods and productivity. The COVID-19 pandemic has kept people from going about their normal lives with many still working from home.

When our offices were moved to work from home for the foreseeable future, I found myself wanting to bring nature in. Green Philosophy Co. offers the beauty of nature without the hassle of having to remember to water your plants. 

If you are anything like me, I cannot keep my plants alive whatsoever. Having a Green Philosophy Co. pillow boosts my mood and gives me the satisfaction of having plants without actually having the responsibility they carry. 

– Jenna Medlin-Roark

For every pillow purchased, trees are planted through the nonprofit “Trees for the Future”. The trees planted with pillows purchased through Green Philosophy Co. help provide food for families in need. Through the purchases made, Green Philosophy Co. has been able to plant over 123,505 trees. 

For more information on Green Philosophy Co, please visit or visit their Instagram @greenphilosophyco.

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