7 Simple Tips To Keep Your Car Clean And Organized

Does anyone else spend about as much time in their car as they do at home, school or the office? Between a daily commute, errands and outings, our rides see a lot of action. Because we spend so much time in the car, it’s important to transform the space into one of serenity and clear thinking. Here are seven easy ways to keep your car clean and organized.

Eliminate Unnecessary Items

This can’t be said enough: less is more! The more you keep in the car, the more you have to figure out what do to with it all and how to store it. The fact that you can fit a good number of items in a car doesn’t mean you should. Especially in Arizona where the hot summers can ruin many items, like toiletries, makeup, snacks, medicine and more (think melted red lipstick all over light fabric seats). So, determine what you truly do need on a regular basis in your car and keep those in there. As for the rest: you’re outta there!

Use Simple And Seamless Storage Solutions

For items you do wind up keeping in the car, you will want to find a spot that doesn’t get in the way of moving around the car, and that blends into the interior. A back-of-seat organizer is perfect for storing everything from wipes to electronics and books. It’s black, simple and blends right in.

Personal care items can go in something like these zip pouches, and then stored in your car’s center console. If your car has a little tray or in the top compartment in the center console, that’s a great place to keep pens. Also, try to keep what you store in the trunk to a minimum. Maybe this is where you keep your umbrella or reusable shopping bag.

Take Things Out Of The Car Every Time You Come Home

It’s staggering how many items can build up in your car in a single day. Gym bags, backpacks, shoes, snacks, water bottles, tumblers, books, sports equipment, mail, papers and so on. Take out as much as you can hold in your hands and arms every time you get home. You may not always want to but force yourself to do it. The less stuff in there, the better it will feel.

Keep A Trash Can In Your Garage

Another thing that can accumulate quickly in a car is trash. I know there are trash bins made specially for cars, but another solution is to keep a trash bin just outside of the car when parked in the garage.  While in the car, the trash goes wherever, but when you get home, toss the trash into the bin every time. Doing this will ensure trash doesn’t linger in your car.

Perform Mini Cleaning Tasks During Lulls

Small steps really do add up. Sitting in a parking lot, a drive through, or a long stop light provide opportunities to pull out a wipe and clean the steering wheel, dashboard and console. Have you ever wiped down a steering wheel before? It’s pretty shocking how dirty it can get!  Another way to go the extra mile is to use a handheld vacuum to clean up crumbs and messes. It’s not a full vacuum session, but again – the small steps add up.

Create A Peaceful Place With Essential Oils

Never underestimate the power of essential oils to create a calming atmosphere in any space – the car included! This is less of an organizing tip and more of advice on how to make your car a more enjoyable, inviting place to be. Lavender can be calming, and citruses and mint are perfect to freshen your mornings. In the winter, oils are safe to be stored in the car, but as the summer gets closer, be sure to remove them as heat affects essential oils.

Get Regular Car Washes

Having a freshly washed car is such a great feeling. You may argue that you don’t have time for a car wash, but here are some tips to integrate car washes into you life’s routine:

  • Find a carwash with Wi-Fi inside and get some work done, read, or catch up on texts while you wait.
  • Some local carwashes have a restaurant and bakery inside. Pop in for lunch or a snack break while your car gets washed.
  • Run through an exterior car wash. They only take a few minutes, are inexpensive and will make you and your car feel so much better.
  • Purchase a pass for unlimited exterior washes from your local carwash. Pay monthly and zip through whenever you have a minute.
  • Use a service that comes to your house to clean your car. These can be costly, but there are tons of options and it’s super convenient!

If you’re like me, you’re constantly battling cracker crumbs on the floor and lots of miles running around town. But with these easy tips you can make your car a relaxing, clean and even fun place to be. Happy car-cleaning!

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Mika Perry is a mom, blogger, influencer and podcaster who shares thoughtfully-curated tips and tricks to help her dedicated followers live a more balanced, organized, healthy and happy life. As a former professional organizer, she is well-known for her home organization content. Mika also co-hosts the Good to be Home Podcast with her husband, Russ. Good to be Home is a weekly exploration of entrepreneurship, family, marriage, sobriety and how to balance business and life. Visit mikaperry.com for more of Mika’s helpful home hints and follow her on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest

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