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Motivate Yourself Like a Victoria’s Secret Angel

The much-anticipated annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is set to air in less than one week (while the rest of us have to wait for it to air in December), and with it, the models are busy getting in extra shape for the runway. Though they may seem fit, toned and ready to go in as little time as their lingerie, it takes some intense preparation and dedication to be VS runway-ready. Here, the Angels dish to Allure about their hardcore pre-show fitness and diet routines, while also giving some general life advice:

How to: prepare for a date
Prior to special nights out with her husband, Doutzen Kroes focuses on having silky smooth skin. “I like to do a scrub. If I’m on the beach, I’ll put olive oil on my body and then put on sand, and then go into the ocean,” she says. “But if I don’t have the beach by me, I have a great Lolita scrub.”

How to: prepare for a vacation
Miranda Kerr always packs a brush in her carry-on, but not for her hair. “I keep a body brush with me when traveling. Dry body brushing every morning is a great way to get the circulation going, get rid of dead skin cells, aid in lymphatic drainage, and keep your skin smooth all over,” she says.

How to: prepare for your wedding
You should always play up your best feature on your wedding day, which is why Lily Aldridge kept the spotlight on her hair. “Don’t get it cut the day before or the day of your wedding. Get it cut a week before. And get your color a week before,” she says. “You have to plan these things so the day of your wedding you don’t have orange hair or a bob.”

How to: prepare for the holidays
For Lindsay Ellingson, getting into the holiday spirit starts in her living room. “As soon as Thanksgiving is over, I start listening to Christmas music and decorating my apartment. This is my favorite time of year,” she says.

How to: prepare to show some skin
When all eyes are on her décolletage, Alessandra Ambrosio (who models the $3.5 million Fantasy Bra) makes sure her skin is ready. “Whatever I put on my face, I’ll put it right here on my body,” says Ambrosio, motioning to the area between her breasts and her chin. “Every time I shower, I have to put on moisturizer or oil.”

How to: prepare for the show
After getting a hair mask and a facial, Candice Swanepoel gives all the attention over to her abs. “I work out like a maniac. I’ll box in the morning and then I’ll do Pilates at night. I also do a lot with resistance bands,” she says.

Source: Allure

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