Get a Hot Bod with Heated Spin Classes

Hot temps equal hot bods. Scottsdale based Recess Endurance Training is raising the bar on group spin classes by adding heat to the equation. The boutique studio is now offering a unique new fitness experience by placing cyclists in a room heated between 88-90 degrees (plus the body heat built within the room). Studies have shown that athletes who train in the heat become stronger, faster and can go longer in both hot and cold climates. The mental strength alone it takes to get though a class is intensified. Athletes become more focused which helps strengthen the mind-body connection.

In addition to the Performance Spin classes, Recess offers heated Strength and Conditioning Group classes.
The room is heated to 96 degrees, which requires focus and discipline while keeping a close connection between the mind-body. The class begins with a 20-25 minute branded flexibility workout, maximizing the use of the heat for increased extensibility, and increased blood circulation. Following the stretch is a strength and core conditioning workout. This helps boost athlete performance, increase metabolism and accelerate weight loss.

Want to try a sweat sesh? Recess is offering 3 free class passes to try the Performance Spin and Strength and Conditioning classes. Head to their website for more details and also their Facebook and Instagram to see more from Recess Endurance Training.



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