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Q.) I really struggle with dark under eye circles but I don’t want to use excessive amounts of foundation to cover them up due to my sensitive skin. I am looking into procedures to get them lessened or to help them. What would you recommend?

Q.) What can I do to help the dark colors under my eyes. I am only 26 and don’t want to do anything too drastic this young. What’s a safe option for helping my dark under eye lids?

Answer for question #1 and 2:

“The eyes are the windows into the soul”.  Our eyes communicate so much about who we are, how we feel, and perhaps even a little bit of where we have been.  Because of this the appearance of our eyes is one of the most important parts of facial rejuvenation.  Tired or sad looking eyes will make us seem tired or sad even when we are not.  There are a variety of changes to the area around the eyes that indicate aging and dark circles can be one of them.  The other again eye appearances may include loose skin, wrinkled skin, droopy eyebrows, sun spots, and eyelid position issues.  With regards to dark circles under the eyes several possible causes and treatments are available.

Causes of dark circles under the eyes:

-thin fat between skin and underlying muscle

-shadowing from eyelid fat pocket

-shadowing from skin fold secondary to loose eyelid

-development of darker skin pigmentation

Treatments for dark circles under the eyes:

-fat grafting to the area replenishing the fat lost between the skin and muscle

-correction of the fat pocket that is creating the shadowing (blepharoplasty)

-eye lid lift to remove loose skin tighten the lower eyelid (also blepharoplasty)

-laser and or bleaching creams/products to lighten the skin pigmentation

At my Scottsdale Plastic Surgery practice, I often find that there are a combination of sources for these dark circles in any one individual.  Therefore, I often use a combination of treatment methods to best improve the area and provide the most natural, longest lasting result.

Q.) How can I make my face look younger without botox?

A.) Botox is a great product that has been around for a long time.  It is tremendously useful in preventing and lessening the skin wrinkles that can develop from animation (facial movement).  In addition, botox can also improve the positioning of certain facial components such as the lateral eyebrow and the corners of the mouth.  For those that would like to avoid using botox or other type of neurotoxins (Dysport) my best recommendation is to invest in the health of your body and skin.  For my plastic surgery patients this recommendation would include:

-sun protection

-good nutrition

-ample rest

-consistent hydration

-and a good skin care regiment

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