New Art & Independent Films to Watch at Harkins Theatres  

Prepare for a cinematic journey as three Phoenix-area Harkins Theatres present a captivating lineup of exclusive, art and independent films.

The largest independently-owned theater company in the nation invites moviegoers to experience the power of independent filmmaking and explore an extensive lineup of diverse stories. Featuring award-nominated directors and deeply moving stories, the artistry and creativity behind these films will take viewers on a journey of intrigue. 

“Origin”: In this story defined by outstanding success and immense sorrow, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Isabell Wilkerson is played by Aunjanue Ellis Taylor as she embarks on a global journey of investigation into a system of injustice with monumental repercussions. “Origin” portrays the nuanced complexities of life, love, history and hope. 

“The Zone of Interest”: Directed with care and set within the dismal backdrop of World War II, this film explores the story of Rudolf Hoss, an Auschwitz commandant, and his wife, Hedwig, as they build a life living next door to a concentration camp. This film challenges the concepts of morality and what it means to be resilient against afflictions. The historical accounts of the film transcend time as this deeply human exploration of life will keep audiences enthralled. 

“Anselm”: Directed by Wim Wenders, this film offers a 3D journey into the life and intriguing creations of visual artist, Anselm Kiefer, exploring his profound, thoughtful and distinct work. Encompassing his five-decade-long career, viewers will follow Keifer’s artistic process, learning about the motifs and historical references that sew together his body of work with consistent references to the human condition. 

“The Teachers’ Lounge”: This film follows an optimistic first-time high school teacher, Carla Nowak, as she investigates a series of thefts within the school. As Carla faces conflicts with students, colleagues and parents, she strives for perfection and success in an environment that threatens to squash her resilience. 

“Driving Madeline”: Embark on a taxi ride across Paris as the driver experiences an emotional and crucial encounter with his passenger, an elderly woman whose comforting demeanor contrasts a shocking past. 

“Farewell, Mr. Haffmann”: Set within German-occupied Paris in 1942, a young jeweler’s assistant agrees to responsibilities that set him on a journey of immense repercussion as he and his employer’s lives quickly become entangled. 

“Inshallah a Boy”: Nawal, a recent widow who has had her entire life turned upside down, resorts to lying about a pregnancy in order to do what she believes is best for her daughter. As her misfortunes intensify, and with only three weeks before she loses her home, Nawal must face her fears, and challenge the world around her if she wants to succeed.

These extraordinary films can now be found at the following Harkins Theatres locations:

Harkins Camelview at Fashion Square 

  • “Origin”
  • “The Zone of Interest” (subtitled)

Harkins Scottsdale 101

  • “Anselm” (3D)
  • “The Teachers’ Lounge” (subtitled)

Harkins Shea 14

  • “Driving Madeline” (subtitled)
  • “Farewell, Mr. Haffmann” (subtitled)
  • “Inshallah a Boy” (subtitled)

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