DIY Valentine’s Day Nail Art

From your head to your toes, you want to look absolutely fabulous on Valentine’s Day!  To go along with your Valentine’s Day outfit, you will need the perfect fun nails.

Here are some easy DIY nail ideas for 2014′s Valentine’s Day:


These nails are cute and easy to do. Simply paint your nails white and then coat it with Maybelline’s Valentine’s Day nail polish.


This light pink nail polish with black writing is a subtle way to show your appreciation for the day of love.


For nails like these from Cosmetic Cupcake, simply polish your nails red with different colored hearts in the middle.


These Valentine’s Day nails are perfect for girls who aren’t wanting to sport pink and red nails.  With the background color of light blue nails with a white glittery coat, the black heart and heartbeat will stand out.


These “strong roots” hearts are perfect for this Valentine’s Day.


For the more experienced DIY nail artists, these nails with boxes of chocolates on them are the perfect unique nails that will stand out and show your Valentine’s Day spirit.

For more nail art ideas, click HERE.

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