Pinspiration: See Your Pinterest Board Come to Life

Where your inspiration and your Pinterest board come to life. Pinspiration is a creative studio space where people of all ages transform into artists while building and creating unique pieces of art for home and work projects.

A beautiful private party space, a modern style bar that helps stimulate creativity and a one-of-a-kind splatter room are featured in Pinspiration.

Enjoy painting unique landscapes and portraits, crafting one of a kind jewelry pieces and children’s craft while enjoying the working in a creative and fun environment that will elevate your unique craft projects. Work with friends over a glass of wine while you’re busy working on bringing your creative project to life.

Pinspiration has a five step creative process to help ensure you receive the most out of your visit. First, you make a reservation for your party/group or you simply drop in unannounced. Then, you sip on some wine and relax to get those creative juices flowing.

Next, you choose a project from the Pinspiration menus and examples to help guide those creative juices. After you are set on a project, you make a mess, get creative and most importantly have fun. Lastly, Pinspiration wants to make sure you visit often to make whatever project you need to work on whenever you want.

Groups can make a reservation to ensure workspace is available.

For more information about Pinspiration, call 480-636- 8010, email or visit

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Story by: Hector Salas

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