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When Dish at Scottsdale’s The Shops at Gainey Village closed a while ago, we were pretty bummed. It was close to the office, and we loved to run there for quick lunch or some gelato. I was surprised to learn that The Kitchen, which just opened in Dish’s former spot, was yet another market-restaurant concept. However, after trying a few of the menu items, I was convinced that The Kitchen has a lot to offer in the way of yummy food (for here or to go), wine, drinks and more.

The Kitchen's market
The Kitchen's market
The center stage of The Kitchen is the deli counter that houses ready-to-cook meats and seafood, intriguing salads and all the makings of a wonderful charcuterie or antipasto platter. I even got to try an olive or two that I had never had before. My favorite part of this area are all the divine cheeses, in a variety of prices and types (The Kitchen even carries a few that are unavailable anywhere else in the state). I tried some incredible selections hand-picked by The Kitchen formager, Laura Hardwick. I’ll definitely be hitting up The Kitchen prior to my next dinner party.
The bakery offers up heavenly pastries and desserts. Yazmin’s Tiramisu might be one of the top renditions of this dessert that I’ve ever tasted; the Angel’s Chocolate Pie was also a sinful treat, with three layers featuring a chocolate-chip cookie, chocolate mousse and homemade marshmallow. Nearby, you can pick up breads by Simply Bread and grab a cup of soup. If you’re looking for a quick lunch, the halibut tacos are a top choice at the market, as are the eclectic varieties of pizza. We loved the sweet potato fries with cumin ketchup as well as the amazing beet salad. The espresso bar is also a must-stop for some fresh brew from Portland Roasting or an decadent milkshake.
worcestershire-braised boneless short ribs
worcestershire-braised boneless short ribs
The cafe portion of The Kitchen opens at 4 p.m. and one of my favorite dishes was the Thai coconut oven-roasted mussels. The plentiful mussels were very unique and a great way to wake up those taste buds. The southwest crusted rack of lamb was also very flavorful and perfect for sharing. The accompanying couscous salad was my favorite part of the dish. The wine selections at The Kitchen are impressive with labels from all over the world–or you can pick up a bottle from The Kitchen wine shop and have it at the table for a $9 corkage fee. 8977 N. Scottsdale Rd. Ste. 502, Scottsdale, 480.612.0100.

  1. This place looks pretty neat, so many options I might go overboard! Not too far from where I live, I’ll plan on trying it this weekend!

  2. Yay, i am glad somethingis back over there like this. i love these marketplace style restos. you can go with a group and everyone gets to eat what they want!

    1. Yes–they have daily selections by the slice for $2.75. Otherwise, the pizzas are offered at 12 and 18 inches. Enjoy!

  3. Having eaten at The Kitchen seems like almost every day (morning latte, snack, breakfast meeting, lunch meeting, quick dinner to go, wine bar date night out with hubby, dinner with kids…) I can highly recommend this new spot! It is so convenient, reasonable, and downright friendly. Planning to use the catering services next weekend for a family party (see Jenna for help at the catering counter!).
    Everyone who works there is very helpful and the food is delicious. Great for a last-minute “what to do for dinner” or “what to grill”. Fun place to grab an afternoon snack after school. See Laura for special cheese selections – she’s really terrific. For lunch? Don’t miss Hootie at the counter – he’ll recommend a great sandwich!

  4. Man I should not have been reading this so close to 5 pm, dinner time :)! All of these meals and morsels sound scrumptous!!! Man oh man, this will be difficult right down the street.

  5. This place is awesome! The service is stellar; people are friendly and the food rocks! I believe Yazmin is the Executive chef, and her food is outstanding. The burger lunch special was the best ever.
    I highly recommend.

  6. Hey, do you know if they have good honey mustard?? i cant eat anywhere with out a TO DIE FOR honey mustard dipping sauce on the side.

  7. I love the concept but I didn’t care for the food at Dish- it was bland and expensive. Hopefully The Kitchen will be more impressive.

  8. last place the food was jsut not that good but so pricy i would always give a new place a shoot so I did and they need to get the word out but I think they have a great shot at making it!!

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