A Taste of The Melting Pot

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For years, The Melting Pot has been a favorite feasting spot for celebrating special occasions–Valentine’s Day, birthdays. However, it doesn’t have to be an anniversary to enjoy the fondue restaurant, with four Arizona locations. Stop by The Melting Pot on a plain old Wednesday night to turn your mid-week into a special occasion.
The menu at The Melting Pot is broken into four categories for each of the four courses (though you can order as many courses as your choose). First up, the cheese course. New to the menu, the Classic Alpine offering is earthy and buttery, featuring a combo of white wine and garlic with aged gruyère, raclette and fontina cheeses and finish with fresh lemon juice and a dash of nutmeg. Though we were most pleased with the dippers that come with the cheese course (veggies, artisan breads and the Granny Smith apples, especially), premium dippers–assorted Italian meats and cornichons–are also available.
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The following salad course keeps from fondue burnout (if such a thing is possible). Try the caprese (the tomatoes are juicy and delicious) or the California salad if you want a little bit of sweetness in your salad thanks to the candied pecans that top the mixed greens, tomatoes, gorgonzola cheese and raspberry-black walnut dressing.
The heartiest course follows and gives you the option of several meat and seafood choices, alongside several delicious dipping sauces. Diners even get to choose their cooking style for this choice with coq au vin being preferred. The Burgundy wine is infused with herbs, spices and mushrooms and doesn’t leave the dippers greasy. The filet mignon paired with the green goddess dressing, the shrimp paired with teriyaki sauce and the teriyaki-marinated sirloin were table favorites. (Salmon, sausage, duck breast, chicken and more are also available during this course.)
For the moment you’ve been waiting for, The Melting Pot dessert course is truly something to behold. Though there is a fondue for everyone–whether you’re a milk, white or dark chocolate fan–the Original celebrates everyone’s favorite flavor combo: chocolate and peanut butter. Dippers include strawberries, pineapple, marshmallows, pound cake, blondies, brownies and Rice Krispies treats, though we say spring for the cheesecake too. You probably won’t be able to finish every bite, but it’ll be worth the effort.
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Drinks, of course, are part of what makes the dining experience at The Melting Pot so special. Favorites include the Fiery Pineapple Margarita (with chipotle-pineapple-infused syrup) and the basil-sage lemonade, that can be made alcoholic or not. www.meltingpot.com.

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