Phoenix’s Top Pizza Places

I just returned from a 10-day jaunt in New York. Though my main objective was to visit family throughout the state, I certainly couldn’t visit my home state without digging into NY’s amazing fare, namely pizza (and salt bagels, street vendor pretzels, Serendipity sundaes, Magnolia cupcakes…).
To commemorate my trip and the yummy slices I indulged in during my time away, here are a few of the top pizza joints right here in the Valley:
Pizzeria Bianco Not only are Chris Bianco’s pies the best in the state, they have also been called the best in the nation. Though you’ll wait a good two hours for a table in the tiny Phoenix eatery (and that’s on a week night!), you’ll be rewarded handsomely with Bianco’s other-wordly slices. I adore the traditional and fabulously fresh margherita pizza, as well as the Biancoverde, topped with spicy arugula. The Wiseguy, with fennel sausage, is a top choice among meat lovers. Heck, even Martha Stewart is a fan. 623 E Adams St., Phoenix, 602.258.8300.
Grimaldi’s Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria Grimaldi’s pizzeria is one of my favorite spots to bring family and friends for top-notch slices: It’s family-friendly, affordable and there are several convenient Valley locations. And no matter how many pizzas I’ve devoured at Grimaldi’s, its slightly sweet tomato sauce never ceases to amaze me. The pesto pizzas and straightforward house salad are also tops. Several Valley locations.
La Grande Orange Pizzeria Phoenix’s LGO is always on the minds of Valley pizza lovers. (And LGO’s pizza-sliced orange logo might just be my favorite logo ever.) The Gladiator pizza with sausage and pepperoni is fitting for any beefcake while the Mushroom Party pizza (with three types of mushrooms) will satisfy veggie types. And the Cali-inspired Avocado pizza, with avocados, lemon zest, tomatoes and basil, is fresh and fab. Best of all? Curbside service is available. 4410 N. 40th St., Phoenix, 602.840.7777.
Humble Pie Need variety? Get to Humble Pie pronto. Humble Pie dishes up incredibly unique pies that feature everything from pistachios and eggs to pears and pesto. The Sicilian sausage pizza is a favorite. Hilton Village in Scottsdale, 480.556.9900, Desert Ridge in Phoenix, 480.502.2121.
Cibo If you don’t want to wait it out for dinner at Pizzeria Bianco, Cibo, in Phoenix, the next best thing. Start with the pear salad and move onto Salmone (a white pizza that features salmon and basil) and Capricciosa topped with prosciutto, olives, artichokes and mushrooms. 603. N. 5th Ave., Phoenix, 602.441.2697.

  1. I have been in the Valley for 5 years and still haven’t tried Pizzeria Bianco. A two hour wait is just so hard to justify. Is it true you can make reservations?

  2. i live right aroudn the corber from Humble Pie and have never gone there – i just always forget – thanks for the reminder!

  3. Boo . . .you left off Spinato’s. A family owned pizzeria that has origins to Aurellio’s in Chicago. Authentic Chicago pizza at it’s best.
    Their Italian beef and roasted red pepper pizza is to “die for.” Wanna try real pizza and not these fu-fu joints; they have locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe. One location even used to be BYOB, but since they have gotten busier and expanded their menu at that location they no longer are. Bummer, used to bring a huge cooler in after softball games on Friday nights.

  4. I’ve only been to a few of these, I definitely need to visit more especially Bianco! I just can’t stand the thought of waiting so long…

  5. No Oregano’s?! Seems to me their specialty pizzas beat most of these places. Try the Pan Pizza… trust me.

  6. And what about Vincent’s Bistro’s pizzas…you can get anything from a three-cheese to a fois gras pizza and you’ll be amazed at the flavors. Quick, inexpensive and yummy!

  7. I think you forgot a VERY obvious choice for best pizza… maybe not the VERY best but definately better than 3 of the choices here. La Bocca Pizzeria in Tempe (on Mill Ave). Julian, the owner, has worked VERY hard over the last 1.5 years to make sure of the quality of ingredients, the freshness of the dough, and overall taste and consistency of the pizza that comes out. It should never have been off the list and certainly not lower than #3.

  8. The Cove Trattoria isn’t on this list, but the restaurant has some of the best pizza in the Valley! Try the Meatball Pizza, the Pasta Rustica Pizza or the Chicken and Spinach Pizza and you won’t be disappointed. The Cove also has some amazing wine and happy hour specials. Ask for Vinny, one of the owners who is always in the kitchen!

  9. Humblie Pie and Pizzeria Bianco are far better than La Bocca. No offense, but both of these places have pizza on another level. Although the ambiance was decent, I found La Bocca to be far too trendy with pizza that doesn’t come close to the best in Phoenix.

  10. I had humble pie take out once and was not favorably impressed. soggy. I like Grazie’s sometimes. They aren’t consistent but when it’s on it’s fantastic. I always order a margherita pizza in Italy and am searching for the phoenix pizzeria that makes the best margherita. So far I’ve not found one that comes even close.

  11. Grimaldis is HORRIBLE!!! Are you kidding? Even putting that on the same site with Biancos is nuts.
    The BEST pizza in AZ is Nicantonis (chandler) and Pizzeria Bianco (phoenix). Period.

  12. Fountain Hills has a great pizza at Redendos. It’s right off of Shea Blvd. If you go to Fort McDowell casino don’t miss out on this pie. I’m from the northeast and besides the green and culture pizza is something I really miss. This pizza eases my homesickness from time to time. Give it a try you won’t regret it.

  13. Pizzeria Bianco is great authentic naples style pizza, but there are two other places that I think are just as good or better. And you don’t have to wait 2-3 hours! My husband is italian and he LOVES Tutti Santi in glendale. This is an upscale italian restaurant, but you can go there just for the pizza! There are several other tutti santis in the valley but I believe this is the only one with pizza on the menu. The other is Pomo in Scottsdale at the borgata. I agree that Spinatos is really really good too, but this is more of an american/chicago style pizza, depends what your in the mood for!

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