Christopher’s Restaurant & Crush Lounge

On Saturday night, I ventured to Biltmore Fashion Park’s Christopher’s Restaurant & Crush Lounge for dinner (chef Christopher Gross’ incredible Phoenix eatery). And, let me tell you, my weekend meal was one of the best I have had in ages.
The first thing that really made me happy when I walked into Christopher’s was the décor. To my left was the Crush Lounge, which really has a great vibe to it, complete with dark colors and warm textures. And to my right, the dining room was an oasis of great design. I loved walking by the exhibition kitchen on the way to my table in the main dining room area─I saw chef Gross himself at the burner, working his magic and giving patrons a visual preview of the edible art they come here to enjoy. That kitchen gives a great energy to the place and lets everyone know that while the décor is sleek, the main show here is the food.
After ordering a glass of viognier from the Paola Embry’s very easy-to-navigate wine menu, I looked over to the table next to me and saw a gorgeous white fish plate that I had to have. It turned to be the halibut special, so my entrée was an easy choice for me. My husband opted for the filet mignon. But before our main course, we split a gorgeous beet, burratta and tomato salad that, like the restaurant itself, was bursting with flavor and color.
When my halibut arrived it was piping hot, which is testament to the kitchen being so close to the diners. Hot fish is one of my favorite things, since it can make or break the first few bites of a seafood dish. Besides the halibut being cooked to perfection, the broccolini and baby potatoes that accompanied this well-presented plate, were a treat for the taste buds too. The filet mignon came a la carte, so we ordered the mixed veggie side to beef up the beef plate. My husband ate them all, and even asked me “What have they done to these veggies to make them so good?” Well, I have no idea what Christopher did to the veggies, but they were darn good and any time a man eats a whole two servings of veggies, I don’t ask any questions.
When it came to dessert I also looked at the table next to me, who were all devouring a stunning tower of chocolate. I had to have it too. Aptly called the Chocolate Tower, this sweet treat is a silolike shell of white and dark chocolate filled with perfect chocolate mousse and berries. And just like every dish that arrived at our table before this grand finale, we cleaned the plate. 2502 E. Camelback Rd., Phoenix, 602.522.2344, –Hayley Mitchell, editor in chief

  1. The pictures paint the perfect canvas and the description made up my mind. This restaurant is certainly a must try. I enjoy the vibrant decor, but more importantly I can’t wait to try the food.

  2. Christopher is a hoot and his ex-wife is so pretty! Love that they continue to change with the market. This is a great place for after hour drinks. If i lived in the Biltmore I would be there every weekend!

  3. Oh my goodness! I have been there afew times, but I can’t wait to go there again to try all of these new spots!

  4. I’ve always heard of people loving Christopher’s, but I had no idea it was so fun on the inside! The halibut sounds great too, that’s probably the exact meal I would’ve wanted, fish and then some chocolate!

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