A Taste of KISS

When it comes to pizza joints in Scottsdale, the more the merrier. So when KISS (which stands for Keep it Simple, Stupid) opened in October, we were eager to try this new pizza spot. KISS is presented by the folks behind The Venue Scottsdale, which is adjacent to it. KISS is a super-small spot (with only a nine-seat bar and 900 square feet of total space) but with loads of charm–just a like a spot you might pop into along the streets of NYC. Which makes complete sense, because KISS features New York- and Chicago-style pizza offered whole or by the slice. You’ll also find hearty Italian beef, Italian sausage and grinder sandwiches, Chicago dogs, antipasto salads and amazing, fresh-made fries.
Though we were craving a hearty Chicago-style pizza (with sausage, of course) we opted for a New York ‘za after learning that Chicago pizza would take more than an hour to cook. (We’re definitely calling this one in ahead of time for our next visit.) Fortunately, the New York pizza was delicious, so we didn’t miss that deep dish too much. Topped with sausage, garlic and fresh basil, each slice was generous with the good stuff, especially the yummy sausage. The crust was crispy with a slight chew–the perfect crust to please just about any taste. The fries were another stand-out item. Fried in a special oil that isn’t made in Arizona (he gets it delivered from his hometown in Chicago), the fries are rather soft and sweet.
If you don’t have time to sit and stay a while, KISS does offer food for pick-up (patrons popped in regularly during our visit). Plus, KISS is open until 3 a.m. Thursday through Saturday should you be out and about in Old Town and hunger strikes. Here’s to that Chicago slice we can’t wait to try during our next visit! http://kisspizzajoint.com/.

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