Yummiest Fruit Beers

Yesterday marked the beginning of the college football season–a HUGE deal in my household. With college football-watching comes plenty of beer-drinking (and junk food-eating, of course). I tend to prefer fruity beers, which are especially enjoyable during the summer. I love the lightness and the subtle sweetness–and how it somehow balances out the added testosterone that pumps through the air. So, without further adieu, here a few favorite fruit-tastic beers that I’ll be enjoying this college football season.
Samuel Adams Blackberry Witbier This brew is probably my favorite. The blackberry taste is subtle and not too sweet. I like it after dinner.
Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat Tangy and refreshing, and I find that this Sam Adams is more readily available in restaurants that the blackberry wit.
Four Peaks Arizona Peach Incredible subtle peach flavor–would be a great starter brew for those who haven’t tried a fruit beer.
Abita Purple Haze This raspberry wheat brew pairs awesomely with cheese and chocolate (quite possibly my two favorite “c” words).
Pyramid Apricot Ale This apricot ale is a favorite among my friends because of its smooth finish and yummy
Ace Pear Cider The autumn-ready cider contains real pear juice. Luckily, you don’t have to wait until fall to enjoy it.
Lindemans Framboise A long-time favorite. This raspberry beer pairs wonderfully with everything from caviar to baked Alaska.

  1. If you like these beers you should definitely try Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat, and my FAVORITE< Delirium Tremens. Sunset Wheat tastes like fruity pebbles beer, and Delirium Tremens is an ultimate luxury purchase in beer. The bottles are sold individually for about $5, and worth every penny. Not nearly as sweet as the other beers mentions, but a light, crisp beer with a sweet aftertaste…SO good. Sam Adams Cherry Wheat doesn’t come out until winter and they are a bit much, but I love having one on a cold night! (Ok…I guess I’ve gotten a little overexcited about beer…)

  2. I am a HUGE college football fan but fruity beers is not what I think of when it is college football time ;). All fantastic choices, love the Blackberry Witbier.

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