These Two Phoenix Bars Want to Give You a Taste of their Most Exclusive Bottles

UnderTow and Grey Hen Rx, two nationally recognized and award-winning bars in Century Grand, one of Phoenix’s top destinations for drinks, have launched a new monthly program that highlights the group’s collection of rare, luxury spirits. 

Titled “Captain’s Keep” at UnderTow and “Communion” at Grey Hen Rx, the new program gives guests a chance to taste the best of the best spirits at accessible price points. 

Rather than leaving their oftentimes exclusive and pricey bottles to collect dust while on display, both bars will offer a limited supply of a special, sought-after spirit at an affordable price each month. The featured spirit of the month is either served neat or in a specialty cocktail. 

Each monthly special is offered until the first Tuesday of the following month or until supplies last. Guests will want to act fast as there are typically only three bottles available per month and the featured spirit is anticipated to sell out within a couple days. 

This month, UnderTow’s debut bottle is Black Tot Last Consignment Royal Naval Rum with a market bottle price of $850. 

Enjoy a neat one-ounce pour for $34.84 or the Philadelphia Fish House Punch speciality cocktail made with Remy Martin 1738 Cognac, Black Tot Blended Rum, peach liqueur, oleo saccharum, simple syrup, lemon juice and nutmeg. 

Grey Hen Rx has chosen The Balvenie Single Barrel 25 with a market bottle price of $601.99 as their first featured spirit, just in time for National Scotch Day on July 27. 

Guests can enjoy a one-ounce pour for $24.67 or the Chatham Artillery Punch specialty cocktail made with Remy Martin 1738 Cognac, Balvenie 12-Year Double Wood Scotch, Plantation Rum, champagne, simple syrup, oleo saccharum and lemon juice. 

Be one of the first to participate in the group’s new program and get a taste of these two exclusive bottles before the July special ends on August 2! 

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