Pour Decisions: Organic Wine vs. Conventional Wine

When my patients at Rejuvena Health & Aesthetics are in a rose-all-day kind of mood, I recommend they choose organic wine over conventional wine for several health reasons.

Organic wine is made from organic grapes and produced in a way that protects and preserves the life of the soil while protecting the vines without using herbicides and fungicides. While it’s true that organic wine can have additives, they are naturally occurring versus conventional wine where chemical additives are added. Conventional wines can contain up to 70 ingredients that may include preservatives, food dyes and sulfites. These added chemicals place additional stress on the liver and end up enhancing hangover symptoms like headaches and stomachaches.

The easiest way to pick out an organic bottle of wine is to look for the USDA organic seal on the label, which means the entire production cycle – from grape to bottle – was done in a way that promotes ecological balance, conserves biodiversity and uses unadulterated ingredients.

If your next happy hour extends into several hours, I recommend coming to Rejuvena Health and Aesthetics for a recovery IV. When you over-indulge and feel under the weather, hydrating your body will get you back on track in no time. –Dr. Suneil Jain, naturopathic physician and the founder and owner of Scottsdale’s Rejuvena Health & Aesthetics

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