Phoenix City Grille and Garrison Brothers: The Best Damn Old Fashion

This holiday season and during ANY season, Garrison Brothers and Phoenix City Grille have your whiskey wishes covered…whether at home or at the restaurant!  

Garrison Brothers recently teamed up with Phoenix City Grille’s Executive Chef Micah Wyzlic to create an exclusive recipe “The Best Damn Old Fashion” that uses Garrison Brothers and can be made with only a few ingredients paired with Garrison Brothers’ beloved Small Batch whiskey.

Simple yet delicious, this recipe is perfect for all occasions, whether you’re unwinding after a long day or celebrating with family and friends.

Many people incorrectly assume bourbon can only be made in Tennessee or Kentucky but Garrison Brothers, the first legal distillery in Texas, proves that the best bourbon comes from the Lone Star State.

This ultra-premium small-batch bourbon born in Hye, Texas has been making its way across Arizona onto select menus and into the hands of bartenders and mixologists who have quickly become dedicated fans. 

Garrison Brothers Small Batch retails for $84.99 and can be found locally at Total Wine & More or ordered online

The Best Damn Old Fashion – $12.00 


1.5 oz. Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon  

1 ea. – Luxardo cherry 

1 ea. – orange slice 

3 dashes – cherry bitters 

1 pinch – Garrison bitter flavored cotton candy 


Muddle cherry and orange 

Add ice to glass 

Add Small Batch and bitters 

Stir for 15 seconds 

Strain into new glass with fresh ice ball/ice cube 

Top with a pinch of Garrison bitter flavored cotton candy 


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