New Low-Calorie Vodka

The first day of fall is Friday (yey!) so thoughts of pumpkin pies, candy corn and apple cider are soon to creep into our daydreams. Basically, keeping things healthy can be a little tricky during a season when scarves can be worn to conceal those double chins. But a new low-calorie vodka has been unveiled so at least your cocktails won’t inflict guilt.
Voli Light Vodkas are on average 25 to 40 percent lower in calorie than leading brands and contain no more than 81 calories per serving. Plus, because Voli Light tastes just right on its own, there’s not need to sugary sodas and juices to drown it out. In fact, Voli is served best over ice or simply mixed with club soda. Flavors include: Lyte, a smooth vodka with a light finish; Voli Lemon, a strong, zesty citrus flavor paired with a mellow verbena taste; Voli Espresso Vanilla, an awakening coffee aroma with vanilla and just a hint of sweet cocoa; Voli Raspberry Cocoa, a heavenly blend of raspberry and cocoa; and Voli Orange Vanilla, an orange and vanilla swirl that results in a creamsicle flavor.
Speaking of fall, here are a few festive seasonal sips in which you can get a taste of Voli.
Orange Vanilla Cider
1 ½ oz Orange Vanilla
2 oz apple cider
Squeeze of lemon wedge
Sympathy for The Devil
1 ½ oz Voli Lyte or Voli Lemon
2 oz Pomegranate juice
¼ oz Lemon Juice
Dash of agave nectar (optional)
Voli Light Vodka retails for about $20.

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